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President Joe biden offered Americans a glimpse of the hope that life would start to return to normal this summer as it marked a year of closures and deaths in the United States, ordering a further acceleration of government efforts to end the pandemic.

In his first prime-time speech in the country since taking office, the president called on states to make all American adults eligible for vaccinations by May 1, and he said his administration would meet his goal of 100 million vaccines during his first 100 days in office. in his 60th day as president.

“We are not only going to achieve this goal, we are going to beat it,” he said in remarks on the anniversary of the day the World Health Organization declared a pandemic there. is one year old.

WATCH: President Joe Biden discusses his goals to defeat the coronavirus and what the American people can do to help.

(Source: Bloomberg)

“I need you to get your shot when it’s your turn and you can find an opportunity,” Biden said.

He previously said the administration expects to have enough vaccines by the end of May to vaccinate all U.S. adults, although officials have warned that the administration of the vaccines will take longer.

Some states may already be on track to opening up injection eligibility to all adults within weeks, and one – Alaska – has already done so.

If the nation is successful in meeting its vaccination goals, it will be possible for Americans to come together in small groups to celebrate July 4, Biden said.

“The only way to get our lives back, to get our economy back on track, is to beat the virus,” Biden said.

If Americans can come together on Independence Day, he said, “it will make this Independence Day something really special, where we not only mark our independence as a nation, but we let’s start to mark our independence from this virus “.

Biden’s speech was intended in part to commemorate the dark year the United States endured, with more than half a million people dying from Covid-19. Around the same time as the WHO statement, Americans began adopting social distancing practices that would lead to the temporary collapse of the economy, putting millions of people out of work.

“We’ve all lost something. A collective suffering, a collective sacrifice. A year filled with loss of life and loss of life for all of us, ”Biden said.

But the president also sought to chart a way out of the pandemic for the country, as well as welcoming his signing earlier Thursday of a $ 1.9 trillion relief measure that was his top priority for taking office.

“Finding the light in the dark is a very American thing to do. In fact, it is perhaps the most American thing we do,” he said.

Earlier: Biden signs $ 1.9 trillion bill, increases aid as early as weekend

The Republican National Committee criticized Biden for performing a victory lap for “a $ 1.9 trillion boondoggle,” saying little money would go to fighting the pandemic.

Biden’s speech, the RNC said in a statement, is “an important reminder that a year ago today, President Trump announced an aggressive and comprehensive effort to combat the virus which ultimately resulted in the creation of the fastest vaccine in modern history thanks to Operation Warp Speed. . “

Biden’s predecessor addressed the nation from the Oval Office on March 11, 2020, when he announced a travel ban from Europe in an attempt to stop the spread of the virus in the United States. But throughout the year, he repeatedly downplayed the severity of the pandemic.

Biden brushed off Trump early in his remarks, saying that in the United States the virus was initially “silenced and spread unchecked.”

“Denials for days, weeks, then months,” he said. “It has led to more deaths, more infections, more stress and more loneliness.”

In addition to setting immunization targets for May 1 and July 4, Biden announced that his administration will begin distributing vaccines to 700 other community health centers, to reach underprivileged communities, and that it will double the number of pharmacies. retailers receiving vaccines directly from the federal government. government, officials said.

U.S. equity futures held onto their earlier gains in overnight trading as Biden spoke, continuing a Wall Street rally that saw the Standard & Poor’s 500 index hit another record high.

In other new initiatives, Biden has announced that the federal government will open websites by May 1 that will help Americans locate available vaccines, duplicating services that some states and private groups have already made available.

He also announced the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s upcoming directions for those vaccinated, including recommendations on travel, social gatherings, work, and religious worship. The directive “will clarify the benefits of vaccination to encourage more Americans to get vaccinated,” according to a backgrounder released by the White House.

Joe Biden speaks during a Nationwide Address in the East Room of the White House in Washington, DC on March 11.

Photographer: Chris Kleponis / CNP / Bloomberg

Biden announced more federal support for reopening schools. The White House said this would include efforts to expand screening of students for coronavirus infection and to encourage teachers and other school staff to get vaccinated.

The administration will enhance efforts to identify variant strains of the coronavirus circulating in the United States using genomic testing, the White House said.

The president said the new stimulus bill was “historic legislation” that would fund new measures his administration is taking to curb the pandemic. Eligible Americans can expect to receive government payments of up to $ 1,400 as early as this weekend, the White House press secretary said. Jen psaki noted.

“If he fails somewhere, I admit he failed,” he said. “But it won’t.”

No Congressional Republican voted for the bill, and none of them will attend a signing ceremony at the White House on Friday.

Thursday is the 50th day of Biden’s presidency. Since his inauguration, vaccination rates in the United States have fallen from around 900,000 per day to an average of 2.2 million on Thursday, according to the Bloomberg Vaccine Tracking.

Eric Topol, the director and founder of the Scripps Research Translational Science Institute, called the May 1 target “eminently doable.” What’s remarkable is that we hit 2.9 million in one day and I’m confident that we will hit 4 million in one day.

As for July 4th, Topol said: “I think this will be the time to celebrate.”

As of Monday, Biden, vice president Kamala harris and their spouses will embark on what the White House calls a “Help Is Here” tour to promote the new relief bill. They will travel the country touting its benefits, including direct payments to American families and funding for coronavirus vaccines, and they will visit businesses that have been able to stay afloat thanks to government loans.

Friday’s ceremony and the marketing campaign that followed underscore the stakes for Biden and the Democratic Party, which must show Americans that they are helping the nation recover from public health and economic disasters they blamed on a large scale. party to the Trump administration.

(Updates with Eric Topol’s remarks, starting at paragraph 29.)

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Reserve Bank of Australia owns the line; Nervousness over house prices Thu, 08 Apr 2021 02:38:19 +0000
   By James Glynn 

SYDNEY – The Reserve Bank of Australia kept interest rates unchanged at a policy meeting on Tuesday, but signaled growing concerns about soaring house prices.

The RBA kept its official cash rate and three-year government bond yield target at 0.10%, as expected by economists. The central element of the central bank’s policy stance, the indication that interest rates will not be raised until 2024, has remained unchanged.

“The board will not increase the cash rate until real inflation is between 2% and 3% sustainably. For that to happen, wage growth will need to be significantly higher than it is. currently is, ”RBA Governor Philip Lowe said in a statement.

“This will require significant job gains and a return to a tight labor market. The Council does not expect these conditions to be met until 2024 at the earliest, ”said Lowe.

The RBA has stuck to its policies, but the pressure may increase later this year to more fully recognize the rapid pace of the economy’s recovery, which has been evidenced by a surge in job creation. ‘jobs.

The ANZ reported earlier Tuesday that job vacancies were at their highest level in 12 years in March, data consistent with recent large drops in the unemployment rate.

The jump in job openings also comes at a critical time for the economy, as the government withdrew its wage subsidy program – key support for the economy during the pandemic – in late March. The decision still has the potential to send a lot of people out of work.

Record interest rates are also fueling a problem in the housing market, with house prices rising at their fastest pace since 1988 in March. Economists are now forecasting sharp increases in house prices this year, which could fuel concerns about household debt levels, bank lending standards and the overall stability of the financial sector.

“With rising house prices and low interest rates, the Bank will closely monitor mortgage trends and it is important that lending standards are maintained,” Mr. Lowe said.

The RBA will release its latest Financial Stability Review on Friday and its comments on house prices will be closely watched. Many economists expect the banking regulator to tighten the criteria for granting mortgages in the coming months if the frenzy in the housing market does not abate.

The RBA has already extended its bond buying program until the end of September, with some economists expecting further extensions as the central bank struggles to bring the economy back to full employment.


Write to James Glynn at


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April 06, 2021 01:08 ET (05:08 GMT)

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Thursday Newspapers: Exit Strategy, Summer Travel, Transgender Rights | Yle Uutiset Thu, 08 Apr 2021 02:38:10 +0000

Restaurant restrictions could be lifted on April 18.

Image: Henrietta Hassinen / Yle

Turku Turun Sanomat is part of the newspapers reporting that the Prime Minister Sanna Marin (SDP) says she is “cautiously optimistic” life will improve by next summer with a gradual lifting of restrictions, and that the midsummer holiday season at the end of June could be “fairly normal “.

The government met Wednesday evening to discuss a plan to lift the restrictions. The discussion is to continue Thursday with the political opposition.

According to Marin, the restrictions must be lifted in reverse order. The first step will be to lift the state of emergency and end the use of the Emergency Powers Act. National restaurant restrictions could be lifted on April 18.

A key principle is that restrictions on the activities of children and young people should be lifted before those of adults.

According to Marin, a large-scale opening of public events could be possible in June or early July.

However, Turun Sanomat notes that Marin added that it is not yet possible to give a specific date for a return to normal.

One reason is that restrictions on schools, recreation and gatherings in public spaces are largely in the hands of municipalities and regional authorities.

According to a project seen by Helsingin Sanomat Wednesday, the lifting of restrictions would begin this month and continue gradually until August. Schools would resume teaching in touch in May, and libraries and museums, for example, could reopen at the same time.

Restrictions on gatherings would be lifted between June and August. The aim would be to assess the conditions for lifting the restrictions every two weeks.

The tabloid Iltalehti Reports that the government will continue to work on the plan on Thursday and discuss it with all parties represented in Parliament.

Prime Minister Marin tweeted on Wednesday evening that the plan would be presented on Friday for a week-long round of comments, and separate discussions will take place with labor market organizations and the municipal sector.

Summer trip

The daily Helsingin Sanomat reviews plans by cruise lines and Finnair to provide travel opportunities in the summer as restrictions are relaxed.

Shipping companies, he writes, are preparing to further increase the number of vessels in service and the number of departures, but that depends a lot on the situation and the pace of vaccination in Finland, Estonia and Sweden.

“Vaccinations and tests play a key role. If all goes well, passenger traffic will gradually resume from the summer. Local tourism will probably be the first to return,” he added. Tiina Tuurnala, CEO of the Finnish Shipowners Association, told Helsingin Sanomat.

One of the main reasons cruise travel can recover is that ships have plenty of room for passengers to maintain a safe distance.

In March of last year, the cruise ship industry halted most passenger traffic due to restrictions imposed by authorities on coronaviruses. Recreational travel picked up somewhat last summer, but travel restrictions were reimposed in August.

Of the seven Viking Line vessels, four are currently in service. Viking Line plans to open special cruises to Gotland, Åland and Riga, among other possible destinations.

Tallink Silja intends to take decisions in April on the reintroduction of its ship Europa on the Helsinki-Tallinn route and on the restart of services on its Helsinki-Turku and Helsinki-Riga routes.

Finnair, for its part, says its exit plan will closely follow the national strategy.

“The return from travel depends a lot on the development of immunization coverage and how different countries, including Finland, start to lift travel restrictions,” according to Päivyt Tallqvist, Communication Director of Finnair.

Finnair continued international flights throughout the pandemic, but only to around half of its 100 normal destinations. The number of flights has also increased from around 350 daily flights to 75. Many routes have been taken on smaller-than-normal planes, and the passenger volume is about 10% of the number before the pandemic.

Update of the transgender law

Citizens’ initiative calling for revisions to Finland’s transgender law has collected 50,000 signatures and will now be submitted to parliament, reports Tampere’s Aamulehti.

Entitled “The Right to Be Initiative”, the call to amend the provisions of the law was launched on Tuesday and collected all the necessary signatures on Wednesday evening.

Among the changes proposed by this initiative is the removal of requirements for transgender people to be medically diagnosed and sterilized as conditions for official recognition of gender change.

If approved, the official sex change in the future would be to file a notice for anyone over the age of 15. In the case of younger people, the consent of a guardian would be required.

Likewise, the “transgender registry”, ie the list of people who have legally changed their sex, would be deleted from the population registry.

Finland’s current transgender law, which dates from 2003, has been criticized both nationally and internationally as a violation of human rights agreements.

Posti loses a customer

Ilta-Sanomat reports that the National Archives of Finland have announced that they are ending their cooperation with the Finnish postal service Posti, after an incident in which the company said it lost a shipment of archival documents.

The case concerned documents requested by an amateur historian in Helsinki from the Jyväskylä office of the National Archives.

They were handed over to Posti for delivery in January, but the shipment did not arrive in Helsinki. Following a complaint, a first search by Posti of the shipment was carried out empty-handed.

This week, the National Archives announced that it would end Posti services for interlibrary loans, writing on its website that “due to serious unrest and the disappearance of documents, the National Archives will no longer use them. Posti services to transport documentary cultural goods. under his responsibility “.

Hours later, Posti announced that the cargo had been found.

Director of National Archives Päivi Hirvonen told the newspaper that even though the materials have been salvaged, this does not change the agency’s intention to solicit bids from courier services for the transport of its materials.

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Which SWFL companies have received PPP loans – and how many have they obtained? Thu, 08 Apr 2021 02:37:53 +0000

FORT MYERS, Fla .– It was government money – your money – on loan to help keep employees on the payroll during the toughest economic times of the coronavirus pandemic.

But data surrounding the paycheck protection program raised questions about whether the program was helping large companies versus small businesses and raised concerns about exactly how the money was spent.

Senator Rick scott is one of the harsh criticisms. He said there had been “widespread fraud and abuse” throughout the program.

Earlier in December, after months of litigation, the Small Business Administration finally released data on every company that received a P3 loan.

Use searchable databases and looking at federal data, NBC2 investigators looked at P3 loans made to businesses in southwest Florida.

In the 19th Congressional District of Florida, which includes most of the major cities of Lee and Collier counties, there were more than 18,000 P3 loan recipients totaling more than $ 1.5 billion.

NBC2 investigators found that much of the money had gone to a small number of companies. The 100 companies that obtained the largest loans received a total of $ 250 million. This means that 16% of the total amount loaned to the district went to just 100 businesses.

In compiling a list of the top 100 loan recipients, NBC2 investigators found that the companies had received loans ranging from $ 1.5 million to $ 8 million.

Among the top 100 companies:

  • 17 under construction / building
  • 14 in the medical industry
  • 8 car dealers
  • 6 in the hospitality industry
  • 6 in restoration

NBC2 investigators asked FGCU financial expert Tom Smythe if it was too easy for companies to get the loans when the program rolled out.

“I don’t think so,” Smythe replied.

He explained that the idea behind the program was to move money quickly, all with the aim of saving the economy.

“The idea was to say, ‘Look, we’re going to standardize the process,’ Smythe explained. “Lack of complexity error. Recognize that there will be situations where people will ask and get it and shouldn’t get it.

One such case – allegedly – is Casey Crowther, owner of Target Roofing in Fort Myers. The company was among the largest creditors in our region.

Crowther is accused of using PPP money to buy a catamaran and a house by the water. So far, this is the only case of significant PPP fraud in our region.

But Smythe expects that to change.

“There is no way there was only one fraudulent case in Southwest Florida,” he explained.

Smythe said that companies that have received larger loans will automatically be vetted by the SBA, and those companies will be under the closest scrutiny if and when they apply for their loan cancellation.

“As the part of the forgiveness process starts to fall into place and people start to provide information that seems a bit sketchy, we’ll likely see higher fraud rates,” he said.

Right now, Congress is working on another COVID-19 relief program that would include more small business loans. Smythe said the parameters have been tightened, so many large companies that have received loans previously may no longer be eligible.

“While in the beginning it may have been based only on sales or income with very little focus on employees, now there is a much tighter focus,” Smythe explained. “With the current legislation which is being discussed, they are even tightening that up a bit more.”

NBC2 investigators have contacted the five local businesses that have received the largest PPP loans – but have yet to hear from any of them.

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Byzen Digital sees US $ 2.25 million infrastructure bill as clean economy boom Thu, 08 Apr 2021 02:37:10 +0000

News and research before you hear about it on CNBC et al. Claim your 1-week free trial for StreetInsider Premium here.

With its portfolio of clean green technology companies, BYZN is in the right place at the right time

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 6, 2021 / Byzen Digital Inc. (OTC PINK: BYZN), a holding company that acquires and operates cleantech and sustainable energy companies, today announced its preliminary analysis of the Biden administration’s results Infrastructure Bill concludes that this will be a positive force in accelerating the adoption of investments in clean technologies and the deployment of sustainable products and services to help combat the effects of climate change. The Company expects to benefit from this “rising tide” effect in the addressable markets of its portfolio companies.

The $ 2.25 trillion bill, which has now been submitted to Congress for approval, focuses on infrastructure spending across a broad spectrum, with improving the country’s roads and bridges accounting for only seven percent of expenses. The majority will go to items such as the deployment of broadband in rural America, improved care for the elderly, 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations, and massive spending on solar power and other technologies. clean to help the United States become the world leader of the new green economic revolution.

Byzen Digital, through its two subsidiaries, Clean-Seas, Inc. and 100BIO, LLC, expects to benefit from this new surge of interest, funding and tax incentives for a cleaner, more sustainable future. The two Byzen operating companies are leading the way in better stewardship of America’s essential natural resources, such as our oceans, by providing solutions that generate clean energy and reduce the waste streams that harm our planet. environment.

“It’s an exciting time to be in the clean energy and clean solutions space, and we expect this renewed interest in the United States to spill over into the products and solutions around the world. of Byzen, ”said Dan Bates, President and CEO. “The Biden administration’s commitment to positively impact climate change is a win-win for the country, the planet and the businesses that will benefit from the economic and legislative support they receive.

“In the weeks and months to come, Byzen will closely monitor the implementation of the infrastructure bill for the many billions of dollars distributed in grants, tax credits, low-interest loans and guarantees. loans, nationally and as it progresses to state and municipal levels. With the country’s biggest commitment to a green economy ever, Byzen is in the right place at the right time. Our portfolio companies are well positioned to participate in these new economic initiatives, and we are actively seeking to acquire other businesses and technologies that support Byzen’s mission to meet various needs in this global green effort. “

About Byzen Digital Inc.

Byzen Digital (OTC PINK: BYZN) acquires, manages and operates a synergistic portfolio of companies in the cleantech and energy sectors. For more information, visit:

About Clean-Seas, Inc.

Clean-Seas, Inc. is a Byzen Digital portfolio company that provides efficient and cost-effective technology solutions that respond to the global plastic waste crisis and create economic opportunities and social benefits in emerging and developed economies around the world. It offers the best provider of complete solutions in its class for the supply and deployment of the latest technologies for the recycling of plastic waste into energy, the securing of raw materials and collection agreements.

The company expects to develop programs that have a social impact, improve the quality of life and comply with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Clean-Seas is guided by the 3Ps: People, Planet and Profit. For more information visit:

About 100BIO, LLC

100BIO “created the first 100% in the world biodegradable foam for the catering and packaging industries. Located in Southern California, 100BIO “licenses its patented technology to manufacturers across the broad spectrum of the packaging industry. For more information, visit:

Safe Harbor Declaration

This press release may include forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, including statements relating to anticipated income, expenses, profits, cash flow from operations, market outlook and product demand. Forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future performance and are inherently subject to uncertainties and other factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from forward-looking statements. These statements are based, among other things, on assumptions made by management and on information currently available to management, including management’s knowledge and assessment of the industry and the Company’s competition. The Company assumes no obligation to update its forward-looking statements.


Dan Bates, CEO
Byzen Digital Inc.

Frank benedetto

THE SOURCE: Byzen Digital, Inc.

See the source version on

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Can you apply for a credit card while you are unemployed? | Smart change: personal finance Thu, 08 Apr 2021 02:36:35 +0000

Credit card issuers typically compare an applicant’s income to any existing debt. If this “debt-to-income” ratio satisfies the lender, an applicant is more likely to be approved. Applications also typically ask for rent or mortgage payments, loan payments, and any other bills or expenses that may hinder an applicant’s ability to pay.

If you are unemployed and have no source of income to list, there are a few more options available to consider when looking for a line of credit.

1. Become an authorized user on someone else’s card.

Potentially the easiest way to access a credit card without having income, becoming an authorized user is to convince a friend or family member to add a user to their own card. Having an income is not a requirement to be a Authorized user. The authorized user gets their own credit card with their name and information, but the person who holds the account (the primary cardholder) is responsible for all payments. If the authorized user spends more than expected or does not reimburse everything, it puts the account holder at risk (especially if they cannot pay the balance themselves). For this reason, it is advisable to set a responsible spending limit and payment plan with the account holder.

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Michigan and Michigan State after Wolverine legacy, Saline quarterback CJ Carr Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:43 +0000

SALINE – Jason Carr has done his best to keep his son, CJ, a secret.

Jason – who played the University of Michigan quarterback in the 1990s and is the son of former Michigan football coach Lloyd Carr – was unwilling to put extra pressure on CJ when news that the Wolverines had offered him came last Sunday.

But once an offer from the state of Michigan followed on the same day, Jason had no choice but to break the news to his son, who could now be the next Carr in corn and blue.

“All night long I jumped up and down,” CJ said in a phone interview with MLive. “It was really great to get one from Michigan and Michigan State. I was just excited to have them both.

“I am quite surprised that they arrived earlier. I know that if I don’t keep working hard and improving myself, it can go away. So, I’m delighted to keep working and keep improving.

Family link

CJ, a freshman quarterback at Saline, never got the chance to see his grandfather lead the Wolverines during his 12-year stint with the program which ended around the time of the birth of CJ, but the two made memories through the game they love and now CJ could join the family program later.

“We always talk about football,” CJ said of his relationship with his grandfather, Lloyd. “He was really delighted that I received these offers. He was really excited to see how I was growing up and to watch this whole process. “

The stories others tell her about Lloyd paint the picture well.

“Everyone I’ve spoken to has said how incredibly nice he is to them or how great a person and a great coach,” CJ said of his grandfather. “Honestly, I wish I could have seen him coach and see his teams play more.”

Former Michigan football coach Lloyd Carr sits with grandsons CJ and Tommy Carr as they compete in the Florida Citrus Parade in downtown Orlando on Wednesday, December 30, 2015. Melanie Maxwell | Ann Arbor News Ann Arbor NewsANN ARBOR NEWS

The connection between the Carr family and the University of Michigan runs deeper than football.

The Carr family lost Chad Carr, CJ’s younger brother, to a brain tumor in 2015 and a foundation was created in Chad’s honor to help fund research to fight the disease.

The family hosts an annual ChadTough Foundation gala and the Chad Carr Pediatric Brain Tumor Center has also been launched in Michigan in 2018, strengthening the bond between the Carr family and college and making CJ’s offering even more special.

“Obviously there is a lot of connection to our family and this university,” Jason said. “Both through football and beyond football with our foundation. Michigan is a big part of what we got to do there so I’m just excited for (CJ). “

Of course, Jason would love nothing more than to see his son wear the Corn and Blue Wing Helmet, but he said he wouldn’t put any extra pressure on CJ if Michigan made it to his final list at the time. to choose.

“It’s not my dad’s decision, it’s not my decision, he’s got to go through it,” Jason said. “There is a long way to go but he’s been in Michigan a bit, but he hasn’t done anything outside of that so I think he needs to look at all the options and it really depends on what’s right. the best for him.

“Hopefully it will be Michigan, but at the end of the day it has to be his decision and what he’s comfortable with.”

Exit party

Before CJ became a potential Power Five rookie, he first had to beg his dad to let him play tackle football in college.

Jason kept CJ out of tackle football until the seventh grade to protect him from the physical consequences children can suffer and instead placed him in flag football where CJ developed his passing ability at a pace faster.

“Especially compared to when I grew up the flag football that they are now playing is getting bigger and bigger and you have opportunities like that to play football but, at a young age, to minimize the risk that they take, ”Jason said. . “He wanted to be a quarterback when he was little and what I watch in youth football they don’t throw the ball a lot in second, third and fourth years so I just felt like it was much more fun going out and throwing the ball on a flag field rather than passing it on the whole game just to say you’re playing tackle football.

Jason’s move appears to be the right one, as the 6-foot-2, 175-pound QB is now interested in two Big Ten programs and more may be on the way.

Rockford defeats Saline

CJ Carr (17) of Saline attempts a pass against Rockford Rams in the first quarter at Carlson-Munger Stadium in Rockford, Mich. On Saturday January 9, 2021 (Joel Bissell |ël Bissell |

CJ spent most of the 2020 season as the starting junior varsity quarterback for Saline, but also secured reps in some varsity games.

When Saline starter Larry Robinson had to miss the Hornets’ playoff game against Rockford, Saline coach Joe Palka turned to the underclass to lead the way.

Although Saline lost, CJ went 20-28 for 231 yards and a touchdown and an interception in the game and showed signs of a future star.

“What impressed me about the game was that he did a good job of reading defense and throwing appropriate,” said Palka. “I think these are things that will set him apart as he continues to age. He just needs to mature. There were times like any young kid or player where we wanted to play him a little more and he just wasn’t ready a few times in the playoffs and then in the Rockford game he was and is. came out and played like that.

Jason, who played for Detroit Catholic Central during his high school years, was also impressed with what he saw of CJ in this game.

“You never know with that first start,” Jason said. “You never know how they’re going to react and so I was more nervous than I ever played watching him because you want him to do well and all that stuff.

“I said to someone, ‘I certainly didn’t look like he was when I started my first college game,’ so I was really proud of him and he did a great job, we are therefore delighted to see it continue to grow. “

Gain recognition

CJ still needs time to develop, but the tools are there, as evidenced by the early interest in Division I.

With Robinson, who has a Central Michigan offer and will be senior in 2021 still in the fold, CJ will have to compete for playing time again in his sophomore year.

Palka said he hasn’t made a commitment on how he will structure his playing time with two Division I callers, but he expects the competition to get the best out of both players.

“It’s too early to tell,” Palka said. “Larry is a veteran and he’s already won a lot of games for us in two years with another full year to play. I think CJ showing some rapid development is a big deal for us. I think what we’re going to do is probably go into the camp and see where everyone is at and see how these guys are progressing.

“Larry is the incumbent, there’s no doubt about it. It’s been his offense for two years now, but I think my philosophy is that if I have several guys who are good enough to play, they’re all going to play, and we’ve been doing that throughout my tenure here. So I would expect to see them both on the pitch to some extent. As for how it all plays out, it’s too early to tell. “

Manage the pressure

CJ isn’t the first high profile player to go through Saline whose last name has put extra pressure on them.

From former Saline QB star Josh Jackson, whose father, Fred, also coached in Michigan, to Palka’s son Tyler, there are understandably extra expectations for these players, but Palka is ready to help CJ. to stay on track.

“We are focused on the player,” said Palka. “I say to all the guys in our program, ‘It doesn’t matter who your dad is, who your grandfather is, where you live or where you come from. What we focus on is the here and now, performance on the pitch and just working to improve. It’s always about continuous improvement.

“We’re going to focus, in his case, on caring about CJ and not worrying about anything else and continuing to support him and work on his development solely on his basis, not on his basis.” of anything around him or his past. “

Rockford defeats Saline

Quarterback Saline CJ Carr (17) throws a screen pass to Joshua Rush (4) against Rockford Rams during the first half at Carlson-Munger Stadium in Rockford, Mich. On Saturday January 9, 2021. ( Joel Bissell |ël Bissell |

Jason said he also wanted to help lead CJ on a trajectory that made a name for the young QB outside of the family legacy.

“It can be tough if you make it tough,” Jason said. “In my mind, he really needs to continue what he’s been doing to get him to where he is now. He’s a backup quarterback at Saline High School and he’s fighting for playing time.

“He’s had a good year, but he needs to focus on a lot of things that will help him compared to all the other things out there. He has enough work to do to focus on what he needs to do to improve.

As for CJ, he’s not worried about the pressure on his name, or how much attention the offers will bring. For him, it is team success that he pursues, which is comparable to a quarterback.

“I just plan to keep working,” CJ said. “Keep helping my teammates to come. My goal is to win a state championship in Saline before I do anything.

“I like the competition. I want to go there and play every game, so look for Saline because we’re going to be up there soon trying to win a state championship.

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Bishop of Springfield Mitchell Rozanski to ordain five to the priesthood Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:41 +0000

SPRINGFIELD – Bishop Mitchell Rozanski will ordain five transitional deacons to the priesthood on Saturday, August 15 at 11 a.m. at St. Michael’s Cathedral.

The ordination mass, postponed from June due to safety and health rules around the coronavirus pandemic and by invitation only, falls almost six years from the date – August 12, 2014 – of Rozanski’s installation as Bishop of Springfield and occurs 10 days before his election. installation as Archbishop of St. Louis, Missouri.

Rozanski, who ordained two transitional priesthood deacons in 2018, will ordain an international group that includes two natives of the Greater Springfield area, two African-born religious and one native of Vietnam.

The ordination, though closed to the public due to 2019 coronavirus disease restrictions, will be broadcast live on the diocese website.

The men to be ordained and their antecedents as provided by the diocese are:

Deacon Stanislas Chukwuebuka Achu, a 32 year old Nigerian, who attended St. Joseph’s Major Seminary in Ikot Epkene, AI, Nigeria, as well as Providence (RI) College and St. John’s Seminary in Brighton.

In his final year in seminary, he served in St. Mary’s Parish in Longmeadow.

Twin, he is the oldest of seven children and thanks his parents for helping him to consider a vocation.

Deacon Matthew Barone, a 36-year-old native of Chicopee, where he grew up with two younger siblings, Michael and Molly, and his mother, attended the former St. Patrick’s Elementary School, in which he attributed an early interest for the church as a vocation, and graduated from what was Holyoke Catholic High School, as well as Elms College in Chicopee and St. John’s Seminary.

He served his year as a transitional diaconate at St. Thomas the Apostle Parish in West Springfield.

Deacon Michel Goodreau is a 45-year-old native of Wilbraham, where he grew up in a household observing Polish Catholic traditions with an older brother Scott and his sister Kimberly. He was baptized and made his First Communion at Immaculate Conception Church in Indian Orchard, and attended public schools in Wilbraham, a graduate of Minnechaug Regional.

He attended Holyoke Community College, where he obtained an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts and then a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. He completed his priesthood studies at Pope St. John XXIII National Seminary in Weston. He was a transitional deacon at Holy Name Parish.

Deacon Sinh Hong Trinh, 52 years old, was born in Binh Dinh province in South Vietnam. He spent 17 years in a refugee camp in the Philippines after the boat he was in, along with 21 other people, was rescued at sea after leaving Vietnam.

Trinh, who said he always wanted to be a priest, joined the New Orleans-based Domus Dei Clerical Society of Apostolic Life as a religious brother after leaving the refugee camp in 2006.

He entered St. John’s Seminary in 2014. He completed his seminary studies at Holy Apostles Seminary in Cromwell, Connecticut, and received his Masters of Divinity in 2019. He was a transitional deacon at Our Lady of Mount. Carmel Parish in Springfield.

Deacon Valentine Nworah, 33, was born in south-eastern Nigeria.

The fourth of six children, he was raised in the Roman Catholic Church by his devout family in a country with few Catholics.

He obtained a degree in Mass Communication and Television Journalism from the Federal Polytechnic in Oko, Nigeria, before being admitted in 2009 to study for apostolic life with the Pallottine Fathers and Brothers in Butare, Rwanda, where he spent his novitiate year.

He obtained a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from the St. Joseph Mukasa Philosophical Institute in Yaoundé, Cameroon, studied theology for a year at the Catholic University of East Africa in Nairobi, Kenya, and then was admitted to Siena Heights University in Adrian, Michigan for religious studies. .

Nworah, who attended St. John’s Seminary after being admitted to study for the Diocese of Springfield, spent her year as a transitional diaconate at Our Lady of the Valley Parish in Easthampton.

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Pentagon needs a ‘culture change’ on pollution, say PFAS caucus members Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:39 +0000

WASHINGTON, DC – The US Department of Defense must take a more constructive stance on cleaning up toxic “chemical forever” pollution, say members of a bipartisan congressional caucus that is push the new administration swiftly adopt regulations that would reduce exposure to PFAS chemicals in the environment.

United States Representative Dan Kildee, D-Flint, calls for a ‘culture change’ among Pentagon leaders when it comes to cleaning up fluoride pollution during call with reporters Jan. 29 to announce a relaunch of the Congressional PFAS task force for the new legislative session.

On Friday, the working group sent a letter to President Joe Biden in which 132 members of Congress from both parties urged immediate action to tackle the contamination problem across the country, citing data from advocacy groups suggesting more 200 million Americans probably drink tap water that contains at least traces of chemicals.

The letter singled out not only the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for its slowness in addressing the problem, but also the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), signaling a growing congressional focus on the issue. beyond drinking water in the area of ​​food contamination and packaging made with PFAS chemicals.

But Kildee, who co-chairs a caucus that has grown from 14 to 55 members since its creation in 2019, expressed particular concern for the Defense Department, which had been a major force behind the scenes under the Trump administration working to slow the move towards PFAS regulations and weaken potential safety thresholds .

Kildee called on the Pentagon to “set a better example” and stop efforts to avoid regulations that would impact the hundreds of current and former bases where the contamination has affected the health of the military and has spread throughout the world. drinking water and the environment.

Kildee cited struggles at Oscoda, where progress in cleaning up PFASs at the former Wurtsmith Air Force Base has been excruciatingly slow. Last year the Air Force finally accepted install provisional measures to clean up the plumes of pollutants that migrate to the adjacent Lake Van Etten, where they cause the accumulation of toxic mosses on private shores and on a public beach.

“They have to set a much better example,” Kildee said. “It’s really hard for us to put the financial responsibility on private entities to clean up the mess they’ve created when they can just point the finger at a federal agency that doesn’t.”

“The federal government is the federal government,” he said. “We shouldn’t have one branch of government regulating PFAS and the other trying to avoid regulations. Unfortunately, this is the position of the DOD and it is simply not acceptable.

Kildee went on to say that “leadership matters and people are policy,” suggesting that if new Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin or other branch leaders let it be known that “we’re going to do the responsible thing, this change guidance would make a huge difference ”and have a positive ripple effect on the larger issue.

Related: Wurtsmith foresees a “step in the right direction”

Several Republicans joined Kildee and other Michigan Democrats on the call Friday, including newly elected Rep. Peter Meijer, R-Grand Rapids and Rep. Fred Upton, R-St. Joseph, as well as Representative Brian Fitzpatrick, a Republican from Pennsylvania who also co-chairs the task force.

Other Democrats included Representative Chris Pappas of New Hampshire and Michigan Representatives Haley Stevens and Debbie Dingell, who said the caucus planned to reintroduce legislation soon to create a national drinking water standard for PFAS and to add some of the chemicals to the list of these. classified as dangerous under the Superfund Act.

Both actions have been Democratic priorities around PFAS which have failed to gain traction under a Republican-controlled Senate, who have limited PFAS legislation to minor measures such as the ban on certain military purchases. On January 19, just before Trump left office, the EPA announced that it finally start a process to establish a national drinking water standard more than two years after a national summit in which the heads of the agencies pledged to take strong action.

Efforts to designate chemicals as hazardous and thereby unleash the EPA’s ability to force the military and industry to clean up contaminated sites have never gone beyond the preliminary stages.

Republicans on the call criticized past inaction.

“We can no longer allow this problem to be ruled out as it has for so long,” said Fitzpatrick, whose Pennsylvania district is grappling with pollution from the former Willow Grove airship station and base. common reserve.

Fitzpatrick called legislative action a “longer term solution” and pushed the Biden administration to take the lead in PFAS regulations and work in concert with Congress. He also said “unequivocally” that “the entities which benefited from it should pay the cost of the cleanup”, calling the remediation “by far the most expensive aspect of it”.

He called for investigations of companies that have profited from the sale of the PFAS chemistry and said those companies should bear the costs of the clean-up and mitigation efforts, not the taxpaying public who have been victimized.

“These chemical companies have made literally hundreds of millions of dollars from the manufacture and sale of this product, and it should be investigated when brought to their attention the potential adverse consequences and side effects of these chemicals and what they did. in response to that, ”Fitzpatrick said. ” There is no doubt. If we put the burden on the taxpayers, essentially we could be taxing the very people who are the victims of this conduct. That’s why I think the companies that have benefited from it have to be the first people we look at.

Rep. Meijer, which represents a district in western Michigan with one of the most glaring examples of contamination in the state, said he was delighted to join the caucus as a newly elected member who occupies a seat in Congress previously held by Justin Amash.

Meijer noted that his district includes Wolverine World Wide contamination in Rockford and Belmont, as well as Air National Guard contamination in the Battle Creek area, and other sites of contamination related to manufacturing and training uses. Foam-based chemical fires at airports where the chemicals have been must be used by federal law.

Meijer said that while he is more geared towards getting things done at the state level, he sees the tendency of individual states such as Michigan, New Jersey, New Hampshire and others to develop their own PFAS standards is more problematic than having national rules.

“When you have 50 states that all have different regulations, based on different sets of data, it’s not a solid recipe for having a consistent national standard grounded in the best science,” Meijer said, echoing an argument. often put forward by regulated industries. and the military on the difficulty of complying with so-called quilting regulations.

On Saturday, the National PFAS Contamination Coalition (NPCC) issued a statement calling for a “complete overhaul” of the Pentagon’s PFAS response and the appointment of a PFAS czar to the White House to handle the issue through a presidential council comprising leaders of affected communities and exposed groups, such as veterans and firefighters.

“As COVID has shown us, a public health challenge of this magnitude requires strong leadership and interagency coordination from the White House,” the group said. “On PFAS, we can no longer afford to waste time. Even the best policies are doomed to failure without strong leadership to ensure they are implemented in a timely and effective manner.

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Lego releases 3,622-piece grand piano model that actually works Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:37 +0000

Lego recently released a grand piano kit model containing 3,662 pieces, according to Travel + Leisure. It’s not just something to watch and admire (and pick up dust). The little piano makes sounds when you “play” it. All for the small price of $ 350.

Putting together the delicate playset can possibly help stave off the boredom of being home during the coronavirus pandemic, with the added bonus that once the kit is complete, you can tickle the ivories – or in this case – the white and black Lego keys.

The Lego-sized piano has 25 playable keys, each connected to its own hammer. It also works with a smartphone app to play songs on command, much like mechanical pianos of old. You can also compose and record your own music to play through the app.

Best of all, the set even comes with an adjustable bench, movable pedals, an opening and opening cover, a folding keyboard cover, and a music stand. There are five songs which are also included which you can play through the app.

The interior of the piano looks like the actual instrument, so anyone who enjoys the technical side of building a Lego playset will appreciate the challenge.

Although the idea for the piano was submitted by Lego fan Donny Chen, the product was created by Lego designer Woon Tze Chee, who used many submitted elements, but added the ability to produce sound. Chen is a piano teacher and piano tuner.

While the price tag seems a bit steep, that doesn’t stop Lego fans. It can prove difficult to achieve with the initial interest and the positive reaction upon its release. Visit the Lego website often to check availability.

See and hear more here:

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