Why it’s important to fuel the future of college graduates with entrepreneurial and leadership skills

The society and environment in which we live have undergone unprecedented changes. With new emerging technologies and their implementation in the 21st century, the world is changing rapidly. 83% of companies say it is important to train business leaders.

It is also said that the nature of work will change by 2025, as millennials will make up 75% of the workforce. Entrepreneurial skills and leadership skills are essential in life to keep pace with the constant changes in the world.

The need for creativity, anticipation, innovative ideas, to be able to adapt to changes, to make quick but vigilant decisions is based on these skills.

It is a misconception that entrepreneurial skills and leadership skills are only essential for those who want to become an entrepreneur. Leadership skills and entrepreneurial skills are required for all students regardless of the field to which the student belongs.

Organizations are looking for graduates who are well versed in and possess these skills because these skills help them seize the chance of an opportunity and turn it into success.

Importance of entrepreneurial skills

Having entrepreneurial skills in students is very important because these skills increase our knowledge in communication, decision-making process, time management, which makes the professional life of the entrepreneur so much easier and more functional. As students possess analytical and interpersonal skills, it helps transform the workplace in a positive light.

1. Develop a mindset for the future

Entrepreneurial skills are needed in all areas of our lives. These skills increase our potential to develop our innovative thinking, help us develop collaboration with others and, most importantly, build our confidence, which is necessary in any workplace.

Every career has its own obstacles, and entrepreneurial skills play a huge role in helping us see challenges as opportunities rather than negative outcomes.

2. Increased capacity for growth

Students who develop entrepreneurial skills benefit because these skills allow them to have an increased ability to identify the problem as well as solve it.

It helps them learn team building skills which are essential to have stable growth in their career and also helps in innovation and creativity which helps in running the organization smoothly and having a stable establishment.

It is essential to equip students with skills as early as possible because the future is uncertain as the world continues to change at a rapid pace. Surprisingly, organizations are looking for graduates with problem-solving skills, self-awareness, flexibility, and many more skills, and these skills fall under entrepreneurial skills.

Colleges and universities have begun the process of instilling these entrepreneurial skills in students as the need for these skills has begun to increase. Having these skills benefits students as they will not be hampered by future challenges.

Importance of leadership skills

1. Keep an eye on your vision

In a student’s life, leadership skills play a crucial role and setting a vision is a more effective strategy for achieving your goals.

In today’s modern and highly competitive world, students face many challenges due to a lack of leadership skills. The skills of having a good vision, problem solving, constant commitment and adaptability are important for you to stand out with more than just grades.

These soft skills are not only necessary to adapt to work opportunities, but they also contribute to the development of the lives of students at different stages of their lives.

2. Improve soft skills

Developing soft skills in students, such as leadership skills, allows them to demonstrate their ability to manage people and be accountable for their actions and those who work with them.

As these leadership attributes are developed in college with close vision, attitudes, actions, behaviors, etc. are nurtured before entering the professional world.

3. Increasing networking capacity

When it comes to leadership skills, confidence alone is not enough. Networking abilities are one of the important characteristics of a leader.

There’s no better place than college to develop your networking skills as a student. It is important to communicate and connect with as many people in the college as possible. A vigilant leader understands that no established connection is a waste and that everyone you connect with will be very helpful when they step into the real world.

4. Be a risk taker

College activities or just being in college gives students a great opportunity to sharpen their problem-solving skills. One of the main attributes of a great leader is to come up with effective solutions to challenges, no matter how difficult.

University life for students is not easy. There are new challenges every day and as a leader you should be able to face problems and challenges and present solutions.

Group projects, homework, college parties where many students come together to complete tasks and establish a base. Teamwork develops a sense of responsibility. Each student plays a role, is given a task, and is expected to contribute when working as a team.

Often, teamwork causes conflict because there are different situations, differences in thoughts, opinions and suggestions among students. Having effective leadership skills helps in finding solutions to conflicts and making the final decision in situations like these and also helps in team building.

5. Long way to go

Leaders are empowered to issue orders, but also to listen to team members and strategically implement the most unifying ideas. The various activities in college help students to participate, explore their confident side, which helps them to trust in their own abilities and bring exposure to many students.

Students also keep an eye out for free certification courses, as certification can provide many benefits throughout their career.

Not only do they assist you in your job search, but they also give you the opportunity to showcase your skills to your organization. It is important to help students develop their leadership skills and have an entrepreneurial spirit.

Through a good entrepreneurial leadership education, students will understand the key elements and acquire continuous improvisation through learning and implementing them while sharing their experiences with the people around them.

Written by Sachin Gupta, Chancellor of Sanskriti University.

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