Western Highlands Health Authority in limbo

Western Provincial Health Authority (WPHA) clinical staff and beneficiaries including local communities yesterday issued a 7-day ultimatum to the Department of Health to remove the current PHA management team.

Town of Mount Hagen. Photo from ONEPNG.com

The petition states: “There is a serious violation of the guidelines, regulations and laws surrounding the conduct of state affairs that serve the public interest, resulting in mismanagement, embezzlement and the weakening of qualified personnel. and proficient in the pursuit of nepotism and greed for power.

We want to help restore good governance and confidence in health services, ”said spokesperson and chair of WPHA health workers, John Baira.

“A detailed statement compelled the Department of Health to respond favorably to their petition, otherwise it would lead to a massive resignation of their staff within 7 days of the notice,” Baira said.

Baira asserted that the WPHA is associated with many leadership and management issues and should be corrected so that healthcare workers can enjoy serving as before.

The interim council discussed and filed a request on the following points:

  • · Poor leadership and management;
  • · Poor performance and incompetence of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO);
  • · Lack of due procedures in the appointment of directors;
  • · WPHA administrative office located in an unauthorized area;
  • · Decline and disruption of clinical services;
  • · No level 5 provincial hospital for the Western Province;
  • · No rural sensitization and supervision by the clinical team;
  • · High referral of patients to Port Moresby General Hospital at high cost;
  • · Continued stock shortage of essential drugs;
  • · Continuous stock of office stationery for clinical data;
  • · No transport for on-call doctors;
  • · Increase death rates with the overcrowded morgue;
  • · Lack of Financial Delegation and micromanagement;
  • · Premature termination of the contract with questionable payment on a rental property;
  • · Disappointment regarding the structure of AMPS;
  • · Nepotism and favoritism;
  • · Exceeding the roles and responsibilities of sanctioned and designated officers;
  • · Fallen staff are treated unfairly;
  • · No transport for staff and patients in the event of an ambulance breakdown;
  • · Staff unpaid allowances and unpaid salaries;
  • · Alesco Payroll should be run from Daru;
  • · Lack of capacity building;
  • · Double tap into the benefits and privileges by management;
  • · Unpaid allowances and wages;
  • · The wages of casual workers must be paid on time on Wednesdays;
  • · Contracts and contractual indemnities of the principal agent of unpaid contracts;
  • · Merge or merge and transfer employee records;

The petition recommended that:

  • · The CEO and management are suspended;
  • · Immediate appointment of an interim administration as custodian and;
  • · Launch an in-depth investigation into the administration and its governance.

Team leader Baira said the core business of patient care needs to be refocused and restored.

“There are serious problems. The result is utter demoralization of dismay at the decline in service delivery in the Western Province. This actually exhausts our patience and we opt for strike action, ”he said.


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