WA Police seek ‘best of the best’ to join force

WA Police are desperate to recruit officers into the force, with hundreds of places available for the next training.

The force aims to recruit people of all age groups, skills and backgrounds to fill a variety of roles, from canine squad and water police, forensics and combat terrorism.

Professional development Deputy Commissioner Craig Donaldson said that potential recruits must uphold the core values ​​of strength of duty, teamwork, integrity and care.

“We take around 2,500 applications a year, and of course we are looking for the best of the best,” he told Gareth Parker.

“I think the community would expect us to have fairly robust processes to identify the types of people we want to respect our values.

“We will take you through a series of assessments just to see what your level of maturity, your life skills, your experience and your adaptability are to enter the life of a police officer.

“The 28 week program at the academy is quite robust, so physical ability is very important.

“Your problem-solving ability is really important to us… and of course, your communication and interpersonal skills. “

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