Value of experiential learning versus theoretical learning in the labor market

When it comes to finding a job, college isn’t the most important aspect. Most college graduates believe that having a degree in one of the fields of engineering qualifies for employment. But this is not the scenario.

After graduating from engineering schools, the growing concern of students is how to stand out in the industry. As more and more students graduate each year, the competition is getting tougher. Although the university tells you that attending classes regularly, completing homework and getting good grades will get you a good job, applicants now have to invest a lot of time and effort into building their portfolios.

When it comes to finding a job, college isn’t the most important aspect. Most college graduates believe that having a degree in one of the fields of engineering qualifies for employment. But this is not the scenario. When you come forward for the job, you should know the actual application of your knowledge. So to stand out, you have to prove yourself.


Your CV should focus on relevant experiences and projects that will effectively reflect your skills or programming languages. Also highlight how your skills have contributed to the company’s products and profits.

By keeping your resume as concise and transparent as possible, recruiters will clearly understand your strengths and accomplishments. At the same time, also show your side projects. This will reflect your passion for engineering in the resume.

A gold point; always proofread your CV. Any sort of grammar or spelling mistake will instantly create a bad impression as hiring managers take note of these mistakes. The first-rate engineering CV is chosen the fastest.


If getting an interview is a struggle, then convincing the hiring manager is even more difficult. When you apply for competitive positions in renowned companies, it is obvious that you are up against high level competitors.

So spend plenty of time before your first interview and research the company’s niche, its competition, and assess its annual general statement. It is advisable to browse press releases and company journals. This way you can be prepared and simultaneously ask questions of the interviewer.

It will make a good impression on your attitude and your potential. Often times, engineering graduates are so focused on selling that they forget that the interview is a two-way process and the candidate has to ask the interviewer questions. This quality will certainly allow you to stand out in the selection process.


Engineers have a bad reputation for being anti-social or left-brained. Although the job highly demands your technical and analytical skills, an engineer with equally good soft skills like written and verbal communication with higher emotional intelligence is always preferred.

In today’s office, recruiters are now focusing more on verbal and written communication. In fact, in some places soft skills are more preferred than technical skills. To increase your skills, you can always enroll in grooming and leadership classes and constantly work on your written and verbal communication.


In this high pressure work environment, engineers often have to manage multiple projects at once. So you need to learn how to effortlessly switch between roles and take on the new project at any time. It’s important to learn so that it doesn’t overwhelm you in the long run.

The ability to adapt to new dynamics and approaches under adverse conditions will make flexibility essential for future engineers. It will not only help you survive in a great workspace, but also cultivate the culture of learning and promote innovation by implementing new thoughts and points of view.


For many years, it was believed that the concepts of engineering and product design do not go hand in hand. But some well-known companies like Apple have successfully challenged this idea. Adopting the philosophy of design thinking is therefore essential in modern engineering.

You have to be creative enough to come up with a technical solution as well as ideas focused on design. This will help engineers embrace human-centric innovation. The rapid pace of the modern workplace demands engineers who are able to go beyond their technical knowledge.

For eons, engineering has been one of the world’s most promising career fields. The last few years have been marked by rapid technological advancements which marked the golden age of engineering. Therefore, the demand for skilled engineers has created fierce competition in all industries, forcing an engineer to stand out. If you incorporate the mentioned means into your job search, then you will have a better chance of impressing the hiring authority and standing head and shoulders above the crowd.

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