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In 2021, the unmet employment demand (unsatisfied labor market) in the EU amounted to 14.0% of the extended active population (aged 15-74), corresponding to 31.2 million of people. Labor market underemployment was 13.6% in 2019 and increased when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the labor market in 2020 (14.9%), mainly due to the increase in the number of people available for work but who are not looking for one. This could be explained by the duration and repetition of confinements as well as other health measures preventing people from seeking employment.

In terms of components of labor market underemployment in 2021, unemployment stood at 6.7% of the broader labor force, those available for work but not looking for it stood at 3.7% , part-time workers underemployed at 2.8% and people looking for work but not immediately. available at 0.8%.

In 2021, labor market underutilization was highest in Spain (24.1%), followed by Italy (22.8%) and Greece (22.2%). In contrast, Czechia (3.9%), Malta (5.5%) and Poland (5.7%) recorded the least labor market slowdown.

Source dataset: lfsi_sla_a

Labor market unemployment drops to 48% in EU

Unsatisfied job demand has several components, the weight of which varies according to the country. In 2021, the unemployment component accounted for less than half (48.0%) of unmet job demand at EU level and varied significantly across countries.

The eastern and southern countries (except Italy) were characterized by a higher share of unemployment in the underdeveloped labor market than the western and northern countries. In Czechia (75.5%) and Slovakia (72.1%), followed by Lithuania (67.7%), Malta (66.7%) and Greece (63.4%), more than 6 out of 10 people faced with an unmet job demand had no job, were available and wanted work.

However, less than 4 in 10 people facing an unmet job demand were unemployed in the Netherlands (30.9%), Ireland (36.8%), Italy (37.1%) and Luxembourg (38.6%), leaving the other components (such as those available to work but not looking for one, underemployed part-timers and those looking for work but not immediately available) larger .

Map: Share of unemployment in labor market underemployment, 2021 (%, people aged 15-74)

Source dataset: lfsi_sla_a

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Methodological notes:

  • Unemployed person are defined, in accordance with International Labor Organization guidelines, as persons without work during the reference week, available to start work within the next two weeks and having actively sought work at some point in the last four weeks.
  • the extended workforce is composed of persons in employment (including underemployed part-time workers), unemployed persons as well as persons available for work but not seeking work and persons seeking work but not available for work.

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