UNITED INSURANCE HOLDINGS CORP. : Submission of Matters to a Vote of Securityholders (Form 8-K)

Section 5.07. Submitting Matters to a Vote of Securityholders.

The Company's 2022 Annual Meeting was held for stockholders to consider and act
upon the three proposals listed below. A total of 37,767,729 shares of our
common stock, out of a total of 43,316,328 shares of common stock issued and
outstanding and entitled to vote as of the close of business on March 7, 2022,
were present in person or represented by proxy. The final results of the
stockholder votes regarding each proposal were as follows:

Proposal One: The stockholders elected each of the five persons named below to
serve as Class B directors for a two-year term until the Company's 2024 annual
meeting of stockholders and until his successor is duly elected and qualified or
until his earlier death, resignation, or removal.

                                                      For                     Against                   Abstained                Broker Non Votes

Classroom B Directors

            Alec L. Poitevint, II                   28,028,258                  984,887                    13,501                   8,741,083
            Kern M. Davis, M.D.                     20,395,569                8,617,579                    13,498                   8,741,083
            William H. Hood, III                    28,478,094                  535,054                    13,498                   8,741,083
            Sherrill W. Hudson                      28,481,723                  528,006                    16,917                   8,741,083
            Patrick F. Maroney                      28,433,507                  576,218                    16,921                   8,741,083

Second proposal: The shareholders have ratified the appointment of Deloitte & Touche, LLP as a registered independent public accounting firm of the Company for the year ended December 31, 2022.

                    For             Against        Abstained        Broker Non Votes
                37,200,311        531,563          35,855                    -

Proposal Three: The stockholders recommended, on an advisory basis, the
compensation of the Company's named executive officers as described in the proxy

                    For             Against        Abstained        Broker Non Votes
                28,555,080        428,532          43,034            8,741,083

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