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ALEXANDRIA, Va., Nov. 4, 2022 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Aligned Technology Solutions, an IT and security services partner that provides highly customized solutions to small and medium-sized businesses, has expanded its leadership talent by bringing innovative Tom Pires to be the company’s Vice Chairman on October 3, 2022.

Innovation and personal motivation

In 2003, Pires earned an associate’s degree in networking technologies from Southwestern College in Chula Vista, California. He has spent the past 18 years with a leading organization that focuses on retail outlets.

After getting started with this business, he made it his personal goal to help grow the business into a Managed Service Provider (MSP). He did it efficiently – growing the company from a single hosted customer to over 30 hosted customers and 175 standard support customers.

His drive and accomplishments during his early years with this company culminated in his promotion to President. For five years, he implemented changes that led to remarkable success. One of his first goals was to move the organization from a break/fix MSP approach to one dedicated to recurring revenue. By executing this approach, Pires increased the organization’s recurring revenue by 276% – year over year – following his promotion.

Reinforcement aligned with a new perspective

Gar Whaley, Aligned Principal and Cofounder, and Don Sauer, Aligned Cofounder, have worked with Pires in an IT peer group for the past year. The three quickly realized that they shared similar values ​​and professional goals. Whaley is thrilled to have Pires join the company. He said he was confident that adding Pires to the team would help strengthen and develop the company’s processes and procedures.

“I’ve seen the incredible results he’s had lately,” Whaley said. “Don and I have always admired Tom, his vision, his leadership and the business he previously led. There is no doubt that his innovative ideas will help make Aligned more efficient and his exceptional interpersonal skills will give a major boost to the world-class concierge services our customers receive.

Exceptional leadership built with core values ​​and mission alignment

Aligned provides the best services to its customers through a good alignment of personalized services, unparalleled customer service and competent leaders. The latter is crucial for their success. Aligned leaders demonstrate this alignment, in part, by exemplifying the organization’s core values ​​that guide the team to follow their example.

Whaley shared that Pires is an empathetic leader who shares these important values.

“Tom is a straightforward, straightforward leader,” Whaley said. “I have seen first hand that he is a giver to employees, customers and others around him. We are delighted to have Tom join our team. His prior experience will help us build an even stronger organization, ready to meet the needs of our customers in the ever-changing technology sector.

In addition to his values ​​alignment, Pires has many strengths that he is excited to bring to the organization; however, there are two that he considers cornerstones as he takes his stand.

“One of my greatest strengths is the ability to separate emotion from my decision-making process,” Pires said. “So you’ll notice that I tend to approach problems analytically. In addition, I have a strong technical background in business and cybersecurity. »

Being aligned with an organization’s mission is particularly important to Pires. That’s one of the reasons he joined Aligned – because the company is security-focused and invests in cybersecurity.

“I want to thank Don and Gar for this opportunity to invest my time with an organization that is moving in this direction,” Pires said. “I am excited about the future here at Aligned Technology Solutions.”

Skills & Certifications

Over the years, Pires has obtained various IT and IT certifications that have helped him advance in his career, including:

* Administration of Microsoft Certified Systems (MCSA)

* Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE)

* Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

* GIAC Security (GSEC)

* GIAC Pen Tester (GPEN)

* Python certificates

*SQL Server 2012

His experience, from leadership to technical knowledge, is an asset to the Aligned team. For more information about Pires or Aligned Technology Solutions, please contact Brittany Watson at [email protected]

About Aligned Technology Solutions

Aligned is an award-winning service provider that has been helping organizations leverage and manage their technology since 2010. Businesses gain a powerful market advantage when they partner with Aligned because they have access to the latest technology solutions. IT, cybersecurity, compliance and cloud outsourcing. . A core belief demonstrated by the Aligned team is that all partners deserve world-class concierge care from highly trained professionals.

Leaders who want to optimize their IT – and enable it to become a true strategic asset for their organization – partner with Aligned.

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