The smart learning market will witness an increase in additional dollar opportunities during the forecast period – KSU

Technology has disrupted almost all areas of our life, including education. Intelligent learning has radically changed the paradigm in the field of traditional education. Smart Learning aims to provide students with an all-inclusive method of education using digital wonders and prepare them for their personal and professional lives. This brand new approach to learning has allowed students to adapt to the rapidly changing world.

With the advent of digital wonders such as augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality, gamification, chatbots and 3D printing and chatbots have redefined the means of transmitting and receiving knowledge. These brand new marvels of technology are being used around the world to make learning more efficient, flexible and effective.

Smart devices and technologies are the foundation for this kind of learning and teaching. It is the wonderful method of education that makes learning more engaging and fruitful. Smart learning methods provide ease of distance learning, making it convenient for learners of any age group or learning subject.

1. 3D printing

3D printing is one of the emerging and popular trends in smart learning. Using 3D printing, learners can create a three-dimensional prototype from a digitally stored file. The ability to create three-dimensional models stimulates the cognitive skills of learners.

As 3D printing projects increase the interest of learners and make learning engaging for them, many academic institutes have adopted this technology.

Additionally, 3D printing projects help develop the most needed personal and interpersonal skills such as critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, decision making, and persistence.

2. Multi-sensory classroom

Classrooms are transformed into multisensory learning environments through the use of interactive whiteboards. Another smart way to learn digitized is interactive whiteboards. This tool makes learning interactive and engaging for students and thus helps to develop better learning opportunities.

Using interactive whiteboards in classrooms stimulates students’ visual, auditory and kinesthetic skills, resulting in positive and consistent learning outcomes.

Multisensory classrooms with interactive whiteboards make learning fun for students, and teachers find it easier to teach students abstract or complex concepts.

3. Augmented and virtual reality

There is no doubt that virtual reality will be the next big thing in education. There is nothing more engaging for young students than learning through a real object. With VR equipment, students become engrossed in the subject they are studying or learning and become able to learn better.

Another wonder of technology is augmented reality or AR which opens up new avenues for the education sector. Augmented reality has become popular among educators around the world, as this technology works wonders when it comes to making a lesson more engaging and fun.

Using VR and AR in the classroom has been found to be beneficial as it improves analytical skills, problem-solving skills, and creativity.

4. Blockchain technology

Block Chain is another evolving technology that is disrupting the education system. The blockchain improves the efficiency of the exam management system, the verification of student diplomas or the certificate verification process.

Another amazing benefit of blockchain is that we can also manage and store lifelong educational records.

Apart from that, blockchain technology is redefining the way to monitor children’s behavior by learning analytics.

5. Chatbots

The chatbot is one of the most wonderful technological innovations that has disrupted almost every business. Chatbots are basically the interactive bots that pop up whenever you visit a website and are always ready to resolve your queries.

In education, chatbots are used during interactive learning sessions or online training workshops.

These chatbots can guide learners through their learning process. They can send you reminders about your calendar or schedule, track your assessment progress and performance, and give you feedback.

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