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ONLY 10% of CEO positions in Fiji are held by women, says Education Minister Premila Kumar.

As women across the country celebrate International Women’s Day, Ms. Kumar encouraged capable women to take up the challenge of leading organizations.

“If you look at the statistics, 10% of women are in CEO positions in Fiji,” she said.

“That means 90% are men leading organizations.

“That means when we talk about gender equality, we haven’t achieved it. And similar statistics are there if you take board members into consideration.

“In the case of Fiji, 20% of women are represented on the boards; this means that 80% are still men.

“So there’s no gender balance there either.”

Ms Kumar said women can bring interpersonal skills such as listening, empathy and collaboration.

“All of these skills are necessary. A harsh approach, a violent approach or an aggressive approach will not give you this result. So women bring different skill sets to the table and that’s why we would like to see more women featured on boards and becoming CEOs.

“There are also challenges.

“As a minister responsible to various statutory bodies and also city councils, I have been looking for women who can sit on the board.

“My point of view is always on merit. It’s not about sex. There are some very capable women but I don’t know where they are and if I know who they are I might consider them on various boards and committees.

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