Switzerland – Job vacancies return to pre-Covid-19 levels, but hospitality sector struggles

September 30, 2021

Job vacancies in Switzerland increased by 28% in the third quarter of 2021 compared to the same period last year, according to the Adecco Group Swiss Job Market Index carried out by the Swiss Job Market Monitor of the University of Zurich . The number of vacancies has now returned to pre-Covid-19 levels for the first time.

Compared to the previous quarter, the Swiss labor market index increased by 9%.

“Companies continue the positive trend in personnel searches in relation to the 2020 pandemic year; In the third quarter of 2021, the Adecco Job Index returned for the first time to pre-pandemic levels, indicating a clear recovery, ”said Anna von Ow of the Swiss Labor Observatory.

The index also noted a promising development in the hospitality sector.

“The hospitality sector had already seen a recovery in the second quarter of 2021,” said Monica Dell’Anna, CEO of the Adecco Switzerland group. “The number of hotel stays has also increased significantly. Many more jobs were posted in the third quarter of 2021 for the strongly related hospitality and hospitality sectors compared to six months ago. Even if in this case pre-Covid-19 levels have not quite been recovered, the industry is currently struggling with significant recruitment difficulties. Many hospitality workers found jobs in other industries during the pandemic and now have significantly higher expectations for hours and locations. “

Throughout the summer semester 2021 (Q3), the number of job offers increased sharply compared to the previous winter semester (Q4 2020 and Q1 2021), which had been impacted by the confinement around the holidays end of year and restrictions in early 2021.

The hospitality and hospitality sectors suffered a decrease in the number of advertised positions (-36%) in 2021 compared to 2019 before the pandemic, the Index noted. However, differences of magnitude were observed depending on the occupation: job offers for receptionists and baggage handlers showed the largest decrease with a clear margin in 2021 (-52%), followed by announcements for specialists in catering and hospitality (-46%), auxiliary kitchen. , laundry and cleaning staff and others employed in the hotel sector (-43%) as well as chefs (-24%). The least impacted (-19%) were directors and other management positions in the hotel and hospitality industry.

“The pre-Covid-19 level of the hospitality sector index peaked shortly before mid-March 2020, so it will likely take some time before the labor market in the hospitality sectors. the hotel and hospitality industry is reaching this level again, “von Aïe said. “The index of job vacancies for these sectors was 14% lower in the summer semester 2021 than in the summer semester 2019 before the pandemic.”

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