Survivor 42 Scoop – Week 10 Recap: Winners, Losers, Highlights

John Powell –

Words and knowledge are power not only in life but in the game of Survivor.

“Everything you say in this game to someone means something about or to someone. You have to be careful how you choose your words,” Tribal Council’s Mike said.

Communication skills are crucial when you are on this island. For example, communication between Mike, Omar, and Drea ended Drea’s game.

Omar managed to secure Mike’s immunity idol by warning him of Drea’s perk, Knowledge is Power. Just like last year, the possession of the idol was moved and the power became useless when Mike gave it to Omar before tribal.

Drea claimed to watch everyone like a hawk and even bragged about it to Jeff Probst.

“I observe and see when many people go to the well and their canteens are still empty. I observe. When they go to get wood but there is no wood in their hands. I’m watching,” she said.

All of these observations, however, prevented Drea from being sent to the Loser’s Lodge by a 5-3 vote. Drea cast his extra vote and Romeo was, as he has been for four of the last five votes, completely out of the loop. who the target was on.

Drea’s situation also raised the question of how many powers and perks in a season are way too many. There’s so much in play this season that it’s safe to say that even without Drea’s arsenal of perks, the game is driven and driven by those perks. That they have become more important than strategy, social currency or winning challenges. You know things have reached breaking point when most fans can’t remember who has what power and why. Remember the days when you had to earn immunity instead of just finding it hanging on a tree right next to camp? I do it.

Gutsy Lindsay and the rightly paranoid Jonathan were the only players who chose to play immunity and suffered the Do or Die twist. The twist went no casualties for the second season in a row when Lindsay chose the flame over the skull symbol, giving her immunity and saving her game.

One wonders what would have happened if Jonathan was the only person willing to play? Did he automatically gain immunity? Much like the Dreaded Purple Rock of Doom, I’m not a fan of someone’s Survivor fate determined by a shell game. It’s unfair for them to put in all that effort, all that time on the island for their trip to end in luck of the draw.

I still remember you, Pascal. I remember.

Next week, we’ll find out if Omar actually fired a quick one at Mike or if he’s returning the Immunity Idol to him. What will the sneaky Omar do?

Stay tuned…




Moment #5: Jonathan and Drea fight over a fishing net.




Moment #4: A final five is done?




Moment #3: Lindsay faces her Do or Die decision.




Moment #2: Drea guesses wrong.




Moment #1: Omar and Mike switch idols.

Drea Wheeler

Drea should be proud of the way she played. Reaching the final seven with so many advantages is no small feat. It took a lot of patience. The rules of the power amulet – its power changing from an extra vote with three people, to a vote steal with two people, to an immunity idol with only one person remaining – makes it almost certain that hits from stab in the back will happen especially with so few people in the game. Upon accepting the power, she backed into a corner probably knowing how it would all play out, especially with Hai gone from the game.

Strategy game

Drea was hot and cold as a strategist. Her idea of ​​creating a women’s alliance crashed and burned at Ika. Swati ended up wanting to vote her down when Drea revealed she had an extra vote. She was part of a large group effort to target and remove obstacles in the game.

Rating: 3 / 5

social game

Drea has established many strong relationships throughout her ever-evolving Survivor journey. Her problem was that she trusted the wrong people like Swati, Mike and Rocksroy. She had to choose her allies better and not reveal so many to curry favor with them. His interpersonal relationships were strong. His strategy for using those connections was not.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Entertainment value

Drea didn’t come to play Survivor and let other people run her game. When she had to, she put herself front and center, then backed down when she had to. She was an engaging personality and an active, assertive player. Here, I hope she gets the chance to play again…but maybe without the zillions of perks.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Final grade: 10/15

Who played it cool and who turned out to be a jerk? Each week, John Powell makes his picks for the worst and best players of the week.

Jonathan’s stock is down, very low…even with his own allies.

Romeo is once again out of the loop at Tribal Council and is seen as lazy and useless at camp.

Drea should have chosen better allies.

Lindsay not only took on Jonathan and did well, but she was part of the move against Drea to gain more power and beat the odds at Tribal Council.

Mike used his influence to eliminate another of his targets.

Omar was the puppeteer for another week playing an amazing social and strategic game. When the smoke cleared, he also had Mike’s idol in his pocket.

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