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SupplyPro announces the launch of the UStockit platform, an inventory subscription platform that will revolutionize inventory control for even the smallest distributors.

The UStockit platform will combine groundbreaking smart technology with groundbreaking customer experience.

“Ownership is transformed into the user,” said Floyd Miller, CEO of SupplyPro, “The subscription economy reduces the need for ownership and the responsibilities that come with it. Our customers have more productive uses of their time and of their capital.

UStockit is a brand new subscription services platform that brings together proven hardware and software from SupplyPro, revolutionary inventory management products and exciting new low-cost solutions. UStockit subscription includes expert system configuration and management services, 24/7 SupplyPro customer support, unparalleled hardware warranty, and SupplyPro’s intelligent inventory control software (UStockit Web, UStockit Device and UStockit Mobile) in a low-cost, flexible monthly subscription. And when the subscription period is over, so is any responsibility for storing material or updating obsolete technology.

UStockit subscription services remove ownership risk with a single monthly subscription for as low as $249/month

Low monthly fees

UStockit enables qualified distributors to offer their customers inventory control solutions that previously could not justify the capital expenditure of a system. Qualification is easy, requiring only a handful of data points from the subscriber. Subscriptions can be expanded as the customer grows or their needs change.

Support throughout the subscription lifecycle

UStockIt was launched to help streamline every step of inventory management for the distributor so they can focus on running their business instead of becoming technical or inventory experts. UStockit’s goal is to provide both human and automation resources to unlock the benefits of inventory control for the retailer and their customers.

Out of stock can be catastrophic for any business. The Covid pandemic has put enormous pressure on manufacturers to track and account for every SKU in their warehouse or stockpile.

According to Stan Sigman, CRO SupplyPro, “When a customer is looking to purchase a custom system, SupplyPro is a great option, but when capital or resources are limited, UStockit is a great alternative. doesn’t have to worry about what to do with the system once their customer contract is over, they just send the system back in. It also allows the distributor to offer the latest and most reliable technology, fully guaranteed throughout. of his typical 3-year contract.

UStockit will offer revolutionary new products

In addition to offering traditional SupplyPro systems, UStockit develops innovative new products and low-cost systems that leverage smart technology to specifically target the mid-market distributor.

According to Floyd Miller, “After significant investment in R&D, we are thrilled to announce the first UStockit-branded product; UStockit inventory shelf tag. »

The Inventory Shelf Tag, currently available in BETA, is a revolutionary inventory management product that offers unprecedented flexibility at a low cost, designed for small cradles or small stashes. The inventory shelf tag is Bluetooth enabled, battery powered and can be placed anywhere.

Miller said, “Any store or warehouse should be turned into a virtual vending machine.”

The distributor achieves significant labor savings and increases sales with less risk of out of stock.

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