Sendy partners with residential convenience stores to promote micro-level retail

Sendy, local logistics platform, has partnered with convenience stores in residential areas to enable micro-level retail. The company is using its supply chain expertise to help more than 5,000 convenience stores in Nairobi restart operations through a third-party credit financing program and fulfillment operations.

Minimarts in residential areas of Nairobi will receive credit financing ranging from Ksh. 50,000 to Ksh. 2 million to increase their stock, increase their profitability and provide affordable products to households. Sendy will also leverage its logistics expertise to offer next day delivery from instant order fulfillment.

According to a recent Sendy survey, 70% of the FMCG market is focused on small businesses targeting consumers who prefer day-to-day purchases. However, the majority of small traders are unable to stock up on a consistent basis, while almost 5,000 convenience stores in Nairobi are unable to properly stock their shelves.

The agreement also provides customers with access to a wider variety of products from different vendors at competitive prices from Sendy’s sourcing platform. This includes Bidco Africa, Chandaria Industries, Alpha Grain Millers, Excel Chemicals, Highlands Drinks, KimFay EA, Mombasa Maize Millers, Pwani Oil and Premier Food Industries.

Speaking about the partnership, Sendy Supply Managing Director Don Okoth said, “We have made this capital available to help mini-marts maximize their profitability and reduce losses from stock-outs, l unavailability of products and inconsistency of prices. The impact of convenience stores’ ability to source quality products at affordable prices with assured delivery is felt by many households. Most of the mini market owners have to deal with the problem of supplier logistics, which diverts their attention from running their business. Through our partnership, they can instantly order merchandise from our Sendy Supply mobile app and get free next day shipping of purchased stock.

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