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SALISBURY – The Rowan-Salisbury Schools School Board will consider updating the district’s pay scales for hourly employees on Monday to reflect the state’s increases and new scales.

The meeting will begin at 4:30 p.m. at the Wallace Educational Forum. Participants can come in person or log in online at

Scales are a long and complex matrix of pay levels based on position and years of experience, but are generally expected to result in increases in hourly wages. The scales are also retroactive to July and require the district to implement increases of between $ 13 per hour or 2.5%. The money will be paid out to employees as a lump sum in January.

Bus drivers and school nutrition workers are on the rise for the first increases, which took effect on December 1. The starting salary for bus drivers will be set at $ 16.49 and nutrition workers will start at $ 13.39.

The district plans to implement further increases, as recommended by a recent study on wages from classified wages early next year.

In the other items of the agenda:

• The administration will present the interim goals of the new district strategic plan. The 13 goals cover areas such as academics, people skills, parent engagement, operations, and other improvements the district wants to make in the years to come. The goals were on the agenda for the November meeting and were briefly reviewed, but the board chose to revisit them in December due to the length of the meeting.

The administration is seeking board approval for the goals and has set a timeline for the implementation of the new plan in February, with a board retreat in January.

Once the plan is launched, the district intends to report annually on progress against goals.

• The board will vote on the election of a president and a vice-president for the following year.


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