Q&A with Cody Sinks, SBS Alumnus, Staff Member, and Veteran

Cody Sinks

Cody Sinks received a bachelor’s degree in political science and Russian and a master’s degree in marketing from the University of Arizona. Cody was also an infantry team leader in the U.S. Army and held academic advisory positions on campus with the Eller College of Management and CATS.

Cody joined the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences this year as Web Content Coordinator with the Marketing, Communications, and Engagement team. Cody’s primary role is to provide an optimal website user experience by aligning content with the college’s mission and target audiences using website analytics and targeted market research.

Q. You were in the US Army for three years. How did this experience intersect with your education and career goals?

My military experience prepared me for my studies and career goals even before I knew what I wanted to study or work for. The communication, leadership, and resiliency skills I learned in the U.S. military translated directly into the duties I performed while in college and now as a full-time website content coordinator for the College of SBS.

From researching international politics in my undergraduate studies to working on projects with various stakeholders in marketing roles, I believe my military experience continues to allow me to approach new situations without worrying about unknown factors. .

Q. In what ways has your political science major helped prepare you for your career and your life?

The College of SBS Political Science Undergraduate Program [housed in the School of Government and Public Policy] allowed me to apply the communication and leadership skills I learned during my military service, which was important to me when transitioning to civilian life. Beyond skills such as academic research, writing, and presentation, the program also taught me how politics, history, and culture influence society.

The academic and interpersonal skills I learned while studying at the College of SBS allowed me to thrive in graduate school and in various roles at the University of Arizona. Outside of the workplace, I also enjoy understanding the political and social contexts that surround world events and the places I travel to around the world.

Q. Can you describe what you do on a typical day at your job?

As a Website Content Coordinator for the College of SBS, a typical day starts with responding to new website content requests and enjoying a cup of coffee. For the remainder of the morning, I will be working on fulfilling existing content requests and completing website redesign tasks for the various College of SBS departments. In the afternoon, I can meet with my marketing colleagues to ensure branding consistency between our projects or join a colleague to train a new website editor. I also have many opportunities to participate in various college-related social events.

I’m confident that my time in the military and my education at the College of SBS gave me many of the foundational skills I needed to thrive in this role.

Q. What advice would you give to someone looking to pursue a career in your field?

If you are interested in pursuing a career in marketing, my advice would be to supplement your university education with self-directed learning opportunities. Studying how society, culture, and politics influence each other helped me understand how high-level marketing strategies work, but knowing how to apply those strategies required hands-on experience. My advice to anyone interested in a career in marketing is to start your own low-risk website, social media project, or other opportunity where you can learn from your mistakes and try new ideas.

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