President’s Message: The Importance of Mentoring

Kazim (Kaz) Kanani

Developing professional relationships can be life changing. A mentor/mentee relationship can be beneficial, engaging, energizing and life changing.

A mentor/mentee relationship is not a one-way street – both parties will benefit from the experience, way of thinking, training, etc. of each one. Thus, you should not think that by taking the time to mentor someone, you lose. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Mentors and mentees often learn from each other and share some of the same benefits, such as increased self-confidence and self-awareness, in addition to developing communication skills and exposure to new, different and different perspectives. varied. At the same time, one of the direct benefits of being a mentor includes strengthening your interpersonal skills, building leadership skills, passing on and contributing to the industry, learning the art of asking questions and providing critical feedback.

Mentees, of course, benefit from the knowledge, experience, skills and feedback of the mentor, but also learn to reflect on themselves, improve their abilities to set goals, develop a personal and professional network within the company and, of course, to further develop their careers.

And, while one person can mentor another, they can also be someone else’s mentee.

We live in a rapidly changing world and we are fortunate to be in an industry that is growing at a rapid pace. We are also part of an industry heavily populated by baby boomers who are slowly but steadily exodus. As a result, decades of acquired knowledge, information, connections, and trials and tribulations will leave a gaping void. Whether you’re in the skilled trades or on the professional services side, a mentor/mentee relationship is more important today than ever. As the next generation continues to enter our industry, we all have a collective responsibility to share our knowledge and experience and provide the guidance, direction and guidance needed to strengthen the quality of the professionals who come after us.

I’ve been fortunate to have been mentored by some of the best in the business, starting with my spec writer grandfather, Andy Chagani. I continue to be mentored by many people without whom I would not be where I am today.

I’m also fortunate to have the opportunity to mentor some of the next generation, which I don’t take lightly. I am a proud mentor and mentee. At CSC we believe in sharing knowledge and experience and this is something I encourage everyone to embrace. Because when we share our knowledge and experience, we collectively become stronger and better individuals and professionals.

Your service. I am CSC.

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