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aioneers Hosts Complexity Management Webinar on March 2

MANNHEIM, GERMANY, February 23, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Businesses and their environments are at risk from poorly managed supply chains, especially those dealing with complex product portfolios and architectures. Easy fixes are not common knowledge, leading to supply chain strains, unsustainable practices and business losses. To standardize better management and reduce the burden on supply chains, March 2 at 11:00 CET will see the aioniersa consulting and technology startup, present a webinar outlining their proven methods for optimizing product portfolios.

It’s pretty easy to see why complex product portfolios are so ubiquitous. Supply chain failures have become a regular grumble in our media in recent years, for example during the Suez lockdown or in the wake of COVID-19. Beyond the short-term crises, the growing carbon footprint of global supply chains and the demand for ethical regulations and transparency pose longer-term threats. Businesses need to be resilient both to disasters and to future compliance regulations – which is hard enough if a supply chain contains, say, only five components.

Dr Adrian Reisch, co-founder of aioneers: “The more choices the customer has, the happier they are, but that happiness can quickly turn sour when supply chains fail. The fact is, more choice means more suppliers, more logistics routes, and ultimately more chance of error. Delays, stockouts, overcrowded warehouses, etc., force companies to make rash decisions that are detrimental to themselves, their customers and the environment. Unless companies learn to optimize their product portfolios, companies and customers will face increasingly negative consequences. »

Philipp Flemming, senior manager at aioneers: “For many companies, product portfolios end up being too complex: because it seems to be the best thing for their business! But what many struggle to understand is that optimizing a product portfolio does not automatically mean losing products or discontinuing certain lines – it just means combining market and supply chain to get the maximum value for them and their customers.

Through the webinar, aioneers will offer industry insights and best practices for “shaping, not cutting” product portfolios. To join, anyone interested can register before March 2.

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