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Gurgaon: Anandi Sharma, a 14-year-old student from class 10 of Salwan Public School, has just returned from her school trip to Shimla which was not just fun activities but a well-deserved break from the monotony that had darkened his life during the two years of the home learning regime.
“The last two years have been very tough for us. Online learning and being crammed into our homes had me so attached to gadgets and the virtual world of social media that I had lost my sense of connection and self-exploration of the real world. But when the school sent the application form, I was like yes, yes, a thousand times yes,” she exuberantly shares.
Anandi is one of thousands of students across the city who, after being housebound for two years, are rediscovering their lost interpersonal skills, or as Suncity School Principal Rupa Chakravarty puts it, “The Cycle of social-emotional learning blended with the right mix of Kinesthetic has been launched with these excursion trips and a range of other school and non-school integrated activities.And this is essential to make young minds permeable to post-pandemic interventions in order to fill learning gaps.
After a two-year hiatus forced by Covid, summer camps are back at schools across the city. Several private and public schools have already deployed their outdoor excursions and claim that these camps attract both students and parents.
“We have organized two summer trips. We received such a response from parents and students that it was very difficult to say no to some of them because we lacked the space to accommodate them. We also have a range of indoor summer programs on campus,” noted Salwan Public School Principal Rashmi Malik.
Few schools even broke geographical boundaries to resume normality in the curriculum and took students to international destinations. For example, Suncity School students have just returned from Switzerland and another group is already preparing for a visit to Portugal.

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