Parents Tell Waterloo School Board About Limited Recess Time | Education News

Kurtovic said teachers “tend to minimize or take away minutes from a brain break or recess” because they “try to control the kids. … I think there are benefits to recess.” , she added, and other tools should be used for such behavioral issues.

“It really feels like the kids just don’t have enough time to be students, that they have time to play during recess,” said Lisa Heiden-Kimball. She said the limited time students have for lunch is problematic for those at the end of the line, potentially causing them to rush through the meal or not eat everything.

“They definitely need more time to safely consume their food and not let that interfere with their only 20-minute time of day for recess,” Heiden-Kimball said.

Superintendent Jane Lindaman praised the parents bringing the concerns to the attention of the District.

“We have started to put some things together,” she told the council, to see how much recess time is given to students in other districts. “So we will send this information to you from other districts. This is a good opportunity to watch.”

Board member Sue Flynn noted that Waterloo schools may have “unique” concerns and “different needs” that could make it difficult to adapt to what other districts are doing. As a result, she warned against “always being compared to everyone”.

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