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Newbie investor Mr Evan Flynn Barr (36) changed his investment group chat name to @Oracle today after one of his crazy investment decisions paid off.

Barr, who alongside a few pals started investing in the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) less than 12 months ago, is now being compared by the hapless members of Group Chat to the scholarly investor, Warren Buffett, after he became the first of the bunch to pick a stock that didn’t immediately lose money.

“It was a crazy bet on some sort of cash mining company,” Barr told The Advocate via the HotCopper message board, which appears to be Australia’s largest investment internet discussion forum for non-investment investors. warned.

“To be honest, the only reason I chose it was because the company’s ASX code was the same as my initials, EFB,” he admitted.

“Plus the company logo looked cool, man. It’s this mutated badger digging a huge hole in the ground.

As our reporter quietly took a mental note of the ASX code in case he too decided to play roulette that is ASX, Barr went on to say without any sense of irony, “the boys on the group chat call me the Oracle now, because I’m basically Warren Buffet.

However, unlike billionaire Warren Buffett, The Advocate understands that Mr Barr has yet to technically realize any capital gains from his stock tipping per se, but that on paper the stock is currently up. about 45%.

“If I sold it now, I would make around $10,000, but I think it will go up even more,” the Oracle predicted.

“It’s not like crypto where you have to sell fast while there’s hype. You’ve had this kind of stonkz for decades. I mean, look at Apple, if you had this since the 80s, you’d be rich, man,” he explained.

“It’s not that the EFB will ever be an Apple. It could be, though,” he said contradicting himself.

Since interviewing Mr Barr, The Advocate can report that the ASX-listed company in question, EFB, has since been suspended from the market due to the company’s repeated failure to comply with multiple regulatory rules. listing on the ASX.

On the day of the suspension, Mr Barr was confirmed to remain one of the top 20 shareholders in the now low-value unlisted company.

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