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New year, new you! 2022 is here and it’s time to start thinking about the resolutions you’ll be making in the New Year. “New Year’s resolutions are best determined by who lives them. Effective resolutions include specific plans or activities, are realistic and achievable, and are best when stated or framed in a positive way. ” Dr Mayra Mendez, Ph.D., LMFT, registered psychotherapist and program coordinator for intellectual and developmental disabilities and mental health services at Providence Saint John’s Child and Family Development Center in Santa Monica, Calif., Said Eat this, not that! Health. It’s never too late for good habits and positive lifestyle changes, so read Dr. Mendez’s five healthy tips below that anyone can do. Read on and to ensure your health and the health of others, don’t miss these Sure Signs You Have Ever Had COVID.


According to Dr. Mendez, “Mental health is the foundation of emotional well-being. Your mental health informs about the quality of coping patterns and skills, relationships, stress management, energy level, problem solving skills, emotional regulation and resilience to face, manage Mental health should play a key role when considering New Year’s resolutions, as functional mental health supports physical, intellectual, emotional and relationship well-being. Considering mental health-informed resolutions includes devoting time and attention to self-care, being open to learning, and exploring options that increase opportunities for problem-solving, engaging in tasks and activities that strengthen the meaning of life, build self-confidence and improve relationships.

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Dr Mendez explains, “This is an important resolution because the world we live in is extremely fast-paced and ever-changing. Time flies by quickly and can leave people feeling dissatisfied and dissatisfied. Ensuring time to complete desirable tasks and activities by selecting days and hours on a realistic schedule can instill a sense of gratification. Even a few minutes of engaging and enjoyable activity can lift negative moods, clear the mind for more precise and effective problem-solving, and sustain the energy needed to face challenges that inevitably arise. Consider volunteering in an area that interests you and gives meaning to your life. Consider educating yourself on a topic of interest, reading for fun rather than homework, or devoting a day or two a month to a favorite hobby or activity that isn’t mandatory. This can be achieved by identifying 2-3 self-care options and designing a realistic plan for follow-up. Mindfulness exercises can promote engagement and maintain the self-healing resolve present. “

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“Sleep is essential for physical and emotional health,” says Dr. Mendez. activities 30 minutes before bedtime, or by redesigning the bedroom environment and creating a space for quality sleep, such as controlling lights, sounds and other distractions. This can be achieved by identifying the barriers that interrupt sleep and hinder quality sleep experiences. Develop a management plan to control obstacles and create realistic solutions that follow through. If the plan is too ambitious or idealized, the resolution is unlikely to be achieved. “

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Dr Mendez says: “Humans are social beings who function best when engaged in meaningful and meaningful relationships. Making a New Year’s resolution that focuses on building meaningful and fulfilling social relationships can increase communication opportunities and reduce social isolation. Commit to talking to friends or family regularly, but be realistic about how often and when so you don’t set yourself up for failure by creating a schedule that isn’t achievable given the demands of competing life. Get away from technology, social media, TV, and texting and make a conscious effort to reach out and participate in face-to-face interactions. Joining a social club, gymnasium, book club, taking a class, attending conferences, reading, religious associations, and meetings with friends and family are some examples of opportunities for social interactions and engagement. face to face. This can be achieved by adding a social activity within the month, or at any frequency that is realistic and suited to the individual monitoring. “

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“Take the time to consider obligations, tasks of daily living, personal desires, family and work responsibilities, and prioritize how to meet life’s expectations in a way that promotes balance and effectiveness, ”says Dr. Mendez. “Consider a resolution that supports setting boundaries and limits effectively and nicely. Identify where there is room to add tasks and where the boundary should be drawn. Doing everything for everyone results in feeling overwhelmed and spent most of the time. Perpetual experiences of high stress, trauma and emotionally charged interactions compromise mental well-being. Stress management can be achieved by knowing personal boundaries and setting those boundaries with confidence. Rehearse how to say “no” if necessary, offer alternatives to support others but resist taking responsibility for others, and communicate clearly and precisely to prioritize in a respectful and compassionate manner. Prioritizing and managing stress will support interpersonal adjustment and reserve the emotional energy needed to deal with inevitable life challenges. This is achieved by identifying your limits and giving yourself permission to stand at the border for the benefit of g-maintenance and promoting mental stability. ” And to get through this pandemic in better health, don’t miss these 35 places where you’re most likely to catch COVID.


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