Navigating the Job Market: How UQ MBA Career Consultants Help Students Seize New Opportunities

Siobhan Coster has been supported by UQ’s Careers and Professional Development team.

If you’re considering an MBA program because you want to transform your career and land that dream new job, you’re not alone.

“Last year was a historic low for career moves in the Australian labor market, but this year we’re certainly seeing a lot of movement,” said Bec McIntosh, career consultant with the development team. professional and careers of the UQ MBA.

“More and more people are taking steps to change careers, exploring new job opportunities and dipping their toe

“People who haven’t considered moving for a while – they may have had the same career for 10 years – think now is a good time to change.”

Siobhan Coster is one of the UQ MBA graduates to benefit from her work with the Careers and Professional Development team.

Siobhan said she signed up for the MBA when she didn’t know where to go in her career after returning from London and felt unfulfilled in her e-commerce business.

“I was in a discovery phase and wondering what were the next steps to take in my career,” said Siobhan.

“I called on the UQ MBA’s Careers and Professional Development team to help me identify the sectors that fascinate me and the roles that would correspond to my values.

“I didn’t know the best way to navigate the job market. »

It was then that Siobhan met Bec McIntosh.

“I had my first encounter with Bec towards the end of my MBA,” Siobhan said.

“She helped me take a step back and use different tools to identify industries and companies that would interest me.

“It was really helpful to have a very logical process for approaching these complexes.”

Bec McIntosh is a career consultant with the Careers and Professional Development team at UQ MBA.

The UQ MBA Careers and Professional Development team also provides practical services to help MBA students advance their careers.

Bec says, “With our expertise and experience in career development, we help students and graduates make the connection in their career path. »

“They supported me throughout the job search process,” Siobhan said.

“I was guided in finding specific jobs to apply for and they helped me improve my CV.

“When I applied for jobs, there was interview prep where I practiced answering questions using my expertise.

“The team also challenged my thinking about my own worth and taught me how to negotiate for higher pay.”

Support worked. Siobhan has landed a sought-after role as Entrepreneur-in-Residence at CSIRO.

She works on a food tech startup that sustainably creates nutritional protein ingredients from plants rather than animals, using cutting-edge precision fermentation technology. The objective is to create a new protein system that contributes to increasing the availability and accessibility of

“I’m extremely happy with the decision I’ve made regarding my career,” said Siobhan.

“I am very grateful for the support I have received from the careers team to help me get here.”

Siobhan said she will continue to work with the UQ MBA careers and professional development team as an alumnus when she needs help recruiting staff for her own projects in the future. .

In addition to providing individual career advice, the team organizes events, programs and workshops designed to prepare students for the competitive global job market.

Learn more about the personalized, lifelong career guidance and professional development you will receive as a UQ MBA student at an information event on April 7 or May 4. Register now or apply by May 31, 2022.

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