Measures taken to promote youth employment

Applicants review job opportunities at a job fair in Nanjing, Jiangsu province. [Photo by Liu Jianhua/For China Daily]

The Chinese central authorities have prioritized the employment of young people, especially new university graduates who have not yet found jobs, by regularly organizing job fairs and creating more job vacancies at the local.

The Department of Human Resources and Social Security said a nationwide jobs drive would run from July to December, targeting this year’s 10.76 million new college graduates and unemployed workers under 35.

As part of the national campaign, human resources offices at all levels are required to collect and provide graduates with employment information and offer them recruitment platforms and other channels to find jobs.

The ministry said more regular on-site job fairs will be held during the campaign. For example, cities with a large population of college graduates should host a comprehensive job fair every month.

Graduates who have financial difficulties or disabilities will receive additional help in finding internships and professional advice on job interviews.

In addition to encouraging companies to offer more jobs to young people, government agencies are also required to step up efforts to expand grassroots recruitment campaigns, the ministry said.

For example, a national campaign to recruit grassroots civil servants has been underway since early June. Under this plan, approximately 34,000 local vacancies in rural and remote areas are offered to job seekers.

“Young people are still facing employment pressure as vacancies have decreased due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, while there is a gap between available positions and job expectations of graduates “said Pang Shi, director of the employment and entrepreneurship department at the Chinese Academy. personnel science.

Chen Lixiang, vice president of the China Society for Technical and Vocational Education, added that the growing number of university graduates and the structural imbalance in the labor market are among the main causes of the employment difficulties faced by this group. , although the economy is showing good recovery momentum.

He said it’s important for college graduates to change their perception of certain professions and what they consider suitable employment.

“For example, the manufacturing industry is still facing labor shortages, while these young university graduates don’t want to be factory workers,” he said. “The first job matters to every young person, while it is essential to learn and know the industry and the world through the first job. There is no inferiority or nobility when it comes to professions . work itself.”

The ministry said it would continue its efforts to develop more suitable jobs for university graduates and also improve its monitoring of illegal behavior infringing on the rights of young people, such as unqualified employment agencies, as well as discrimination. based on sex and age.

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