Market Tips Strong buying opportunity in these 4 stocks at less than half the price

Shares of companies like Piramal Ent. Enterprises, Welspun India, Zomato and Lux ​​Industries have lost more than half in one year. Piramal fell by 68.77% from Rs 2,655.40 to Rs 829.25. At the same time, Welspun India share price rose from Rs 163 to Rs 72.90 and Zomato share price rose from Rs 138 to Rs 61.90. While the Lux Industries share price is down 51% to Rs 1780.70.

Piramal share price history

The 52 week high of Piramal is at 3014.95 and the low is at Rs 826. This stock is in continuous decline. It broke 6.8% in one week and 50.43% in 3 months. Now, experts are bullish on this stock. Out of a total of 7 experts gave Strong Buy advice for this stock.

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Welspun India Price History

Welspun India shares have fallen more than 55% in the past year. Its 52-week high is 170.70 and its low is Rs 62.20. This stock continues to fluctuate. It rose slightly over the past week and gave a negative return of 1.88% in one month. While in 3 months, it increased by about 5.5%. 3 out of 6 experts gave strong buy, 2 hold and 1 sell advice on this stock.

Zomato Share Price History

If we talk about the shares of Zomato, then over the past 3 months he has given more than 10% return. However, in one year, Zomato lost more than 55% to its investors. Its 52-week maximum is 169 and its minimum is Rs 40.60.

Lux Industries share price history

Shares of Lux Industries have fallen more than 51% in the past year. Its 52-week maximum is Rs 4644 and its minimum is Rs 1684.85. In the last 3 months it gave 2% more returns, while in a week it dropped about 2%. Experts are bullish on this and advise Strong Buy.

(Disclaimer: The performance information provided here does not constitute investment advice only. Investing in the stock market is subject to risks and please consult your advisor before investing.)

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