Malawi runs out of fuel – Malawi 24

Gas stations across the country are running out of fuel amid a strike by truck drivers and fuel carriers.

Reports show that gas stations in Dedza and Mangochi have been closed due to lack of fuel. Residents of Lilongwe and Blantyre also reported experiencing difficulties accessing fuel.

A Blantyre resident told Malawi24 tonight he found long lines at several gas stations in the city as people struggled to access cash.

Currently, truck drivers are on strike, demanding a pay rise from their employees and wanting the government to intervene.

This afternoon, truck owners of the Malawi Transporters Association and Malawi Fuel Transporters Association also parked their vehicles saying the government should stop giving the majority of contracts to foreign companies. .

In a statement released today, the Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) admitted that there were fuel shortages at service stations caused by the drivers’ strike.

According to MERA, the authorities are doing everything they can to remedy the fuel shortages

The regulator, however, said the country has sufficient stocks with a total of 22 million and 32 million liters of gasoline and diesel, respectively.

The volumes translate into 28-day inventory coverage and 54-day inventory coverage for gasoline and diesel, respectively.

“MERA therefore wishes to call on the general public to refrain from buying fuel in panic. In addition, fuel service stations are reminded that hoarding of fuel is prohibited and MERA will apply severe penalties to any service station that engages in such a fault, ”the statement said.

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