Leadership skills you need to develop

If you want to improve your leadership skills or train someone to be a future leader, here are some tips to help you:

Integrate them into your vision

Interpersonal communication should be an integral part of a leader’s skills. If a team has only a vague idea of ​​the business goals, they will also only have a vague understanding of how to achieve them. It is necessary that you communicate to your team your history, your objectives, your vision and your expectations.

Communication is the cupid of any good love story! As in any relationship, communication solves most problems. The same goes for your relationship with your teams. Let them know that you need them to work together to achieve your vision, which in turn helps them achieve theirs.

Do not hesitate to highlight their small gains!

Recognition at work is something that every individual desires.

Fostering an environment that not only encourages individuals to perform better, but also rewards or applauds them for their victories and progress is important in ensuring that they feel valued and that their work is noticed.

Tangible rewards are of course a plus, but not always necessary. This may also not be possible if you are a new or growing business. But that shouldn’t stop you from rewarding and appreciating them. It can be something as simple as a letter of appreciation or the awarding of “top employee of the month” accolades.

Be a mentor, not a boss

If you want to prove that you are a good leader, try to be a mentor rather than just a boss. Rather than commanding orders and appearing authoritarian, a leader should encourage growth by teaching or setting an example.

Individuals will not grow if they learn nothing of value in life or at work. Every individual wants a leader or boss who has a heart and cares about his people.

Nobody wants to work under harsh leaders who put them down and make them feel bad. Individuals tend to respond well to managers or leaders with a strong sense of compassion. Be the boss you wanted when you were an intern.

Accept feedback positively

When you communicate, you tend to accept feedback in a positive way, it creates an environment of productivity.

It’s not just your team that benefits from feedback, you also need to ask them for feedback and accept it positively. It shows that you too are human and learn from your mistakes every day. No one has all the answers and it certainly helps to see things from different angles.

Think macro

Most leadership books, videos, podcasts and blogs explain that a leader’s greatest strength is being able to think about the “big picture”.

The essence of a CEO, along with many other things, is to lead like a futurist.

It’s important to remember that the only reason you’ve recruited others with subject matter expertise is so they can get things done on a day-to-day basis and keep the show going. A great leader requires a range of leadership qualities and skills that will encourage the team to follow through and stay strong through times of success and adversity. It must constantly grow, improve and move forward.

(The author is the COO and co-founder of One Impact, a digital branding company)

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