Kitgum runs out of Covid-19 vaccine

Kitgum, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Kitgum district is running low on Covid-19 vaccines. The district received 1,571 doses of Chinese Sinovac vaccine earlier this month. This was in addition to the 1,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine that had been provided by the Ministry of Health in August.

Kitgum District Acting Health Worker Dr Henry Okello Otto told Uganda Radio Network in an interview on Tuesday that both Sinovac and AstraZeneca vaccine stocks ran out on Thursday last week. He says the stock-out follows an overwhelming demand for COVID-19 vaccination by the district’s population.

Kitgum District launched mandatory COVID-19 vaccination for teachers and non-teaching staff earlier this month. The exercise targeted 1,189 teachers in the district and 640 in the municipality.

More than 400 teachers in the municipality and some 500 in the district have so far been vaccinated against the coronavirus disease, according to health officials. Dr Otto also notes that an intensive awareness campaign including mobile vaccination camps has helped improve vaccine uptake.

According to reports from the district COVID-19 task force, some 383 people received COVID-19 vaccines through the mobile vaccination campaign that targeted residents of hard-to-reach communities in Labongo Akwang, Namokora and sub-counties. Muczini.

Dr Otto says they are already working around the clock to ask the health ministry for more vaccines to facilitate the vaccination of priority groups, especially teachers.

Kitgum District Resident Commissioner William Komakech, who also serves as chair of the COVID-19 task force, said grassroots mobilization of local leaders in villages is going a long way in boosting vaccine uptake.

He notes that they have already received a notification from the Ministry of Health regarding the disbursement of more vaccines in the district. According to Komakech, the district should receive the AstraZeneca, Sinovac and Moderna vaccines from the ministry.

He says that although the quantities of Sinovac and Moderna vaccines to be delivered have not yet been disclosed, 2,910 doses of the vaccine shipment will be AstraZeneca targeting people for a second vaccine.

Kitgum district has so far received 7,961 doses of COVID-19 vaccine, of which 6,390 were AstraZeneca and 1,571 were Sinovac vaccine since vaccination began in March of this year.



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