Jobs soar to record highs as job market continues to fluctuate | Economic news

Job vacancies have climbed by more than 600,000 since the end of August to reach a new record, according to the latest figures released.

The number of vacancies in the UK is currently very high, a sign that the labor market is not yet fully recovering from the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Between October 4 and 10, there were a record 2.29 million active job vacancies in the UK. In the same week, there were around 235,000 new job postings – the second highest weekly figure since data collection began, according to the latest Jobs Recovery Tracker from the Confederation of Recruitment and Recruitment. employment (REC).

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Wales is currently a hiring hotspot, containing four of the UK’s 10 busiest cities for new jobs, led by Swansea which has seen vacancies increase by 15.9%.

Neil Carberry, CEO of REC, said: “The past month has seen a remarkable increase in job postings, with 235,000 new listings posted last week.

“Companies in almost every industry and region are hiring right now, and with so much competition for people, many companies need to offer increased wages and benefits to attract the people they need. “

Most Popular Jobs in the UK include sports and recreation assistants, cleaning and housekeeping directors and supervisors, and library clerks and assistants.

“Now is a good time to look for work right now,” Mr. Carberry said, adding, “but that rebound phase will pass. As the sugar rush wears off, future opportunities will be defined by the strength of our underlying economy – including the extent to which there are capacity constraints on growth and the productivity gains that businesses can make. ”

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