Job seekers warned not to be complacent in dynamic job market

Job seekers cannot afford complacency when looking for a new position, despite the growing number of vacancies across the UK.

Responding to recent results from Microsoft’s second annual Worker Trend Index, which found that 43% of employees are considering a job change, RoleCatcher warned job seekers not to get complacent in their job search, despite the dynamism of the recruitment market.

In its own study of 500 jobseekers in the UK, the company found that more than a third of individuals (35%) make an embarrassing mistake during the recruitment process, including applying twice for the job. same job and not knowing which company they are interviewing. with.

The RoleCatcher study also found that people in the 35-54 category are the most likely to do something embarrassing, with 38% of this group saying it has happened to them. Those between 18 and 34 came just behind (35%). While Microsoft reveals that workers under 41 are more likely to change jobs (cited by 52% of respondents), RoleCatcher warned that complacency could hurt candidates’ chances of success.

James Fogg, CEO and Founder of RoleCatcher comments:

“It is undeniable that the scales are currently tilting in favor of the candidate. Employers are seeing a shortage of talent and skill shortages in various sectors are well documented. However, that doesn’t mean job seekers can be complacent when it comes to finding a new position. Our research has shown that a large number of people make mistakes when looking for a new position and unfortunately, regardless of the job market, mistakes will more often than not lead to individuals losing a position for which they could be perfect. . The fact that our respondents indicated that they had made embarrassing mistakes, such as forgetting which company they were interviewing with, is concerning. Being unprepared will not work in your favor as more and more people start to consider changing roles, it’s crucial that job seekers don’t let the strong recruitment market lead to complacency.

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