Job Opportunity for B.Tech Graduates at Boeing

Job Update: Vacancy for B.Tech Graduates at Boeing


Boeing is recruiting an experienced ASSOCIATE TEST AUTOMATION ENGINEER at its Bangalore site.

The complete details of this work are as follows:-

Roles and responsibilities:

The ideal candidate should be able to:

Independently understand and develop the designed architectural, security and design principles.

Develop UI automation tests from business requirements for defined workflows.

Assist in discussions with the Product Manager and establish requirements and testing processes for the functional requirements provided.

Own the code developed for the UI and API automation suites, and collaborate with other members of the test automation team.

Implement best practices and standards in the script, avoiding the use of hard-coded values, unmodifiable XPaths, etc.

Improve code reusability, avoid repetitions, integrate modularization in the codebase.


OOPS concepts with Python, Java

Development of API tests with PyTest, UI tests with Selenium, JMeter/Gatling[optional].

RDBM systems, scripts and SQL queries, especially with SQLServer 2016 and Teradata.

Version control process with Git, in particular, branching, committing, pushing, rebasing, conflict resolution, etc.

Using debugging tools such as web development tools, Postman [or similar].

Shell scripting with Bash [KSH, ZSH or similar also OK] and its commonly used file management (mkdir, grep, etc.), browsing (cd, find, etc.) and networking (ping, tracert, etc.) packages.

Implementation of test suites via command prompts (sh/bash/zsh etc.).

Gather the results and incorporate them into a CI tool like GitLab-CI.

Writing reusable, modular and high-performance code dealing with creation and disposal of resources/objects to ensure memory efficiency and safety.

Excellent presentation and interpersonal skills to work in a globally distributed team.

Experience working with Agile (Scrum) is essential.

Aeronautical experience.

Typically 4-8 years of related work experience or relevant military experience. Advanced degree (e.g. bachelor’s, master’s, etc.) preferred but not required.

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