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OMAHA, Neb. – Today’s labor market continues to improve, just in time for a new category of graduates to enter the labor market. Despite the uncertainties and challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jeremy Fisher, director of the John P. Fahey Career Center at Creighton University, said this year’s Creighton University graduates would likely have a success rate of 96-98% six months after graduation. . The majority of graduates have found employment, are continuing their education or participating in a service program, Fisher said.

“The labor market is heating up. It looks very positive, but competitive, for new graduates entering the workforce, ”Fisher said. “There is much less uncertainty in the job market compared to last year. The young graduates have confirmed their plans or are in the process of confirming them very soon. “

While graduates do not experience the hiring delays graduates experienced last year due to the health, safety and financial impact of COVID-19, recruitment efforts have been hit. Recruitment has been delayed later than normal in the academic year due to the uncertainties many companies still face about returning to a face-to-face work environment. Because of these recruiting delays and the competitive job market for in-demand jobs, Fisher said students have more time to participate in internships and make themselves more marketable before entering the workforce.

“Like last year, many job and internship opportunities still offer remote or virtual options, giving more geographic diversity and freedom to staff so employees can work from anywhere,” Fisher said.

However, a growing number of graduates are choosing to stay in the Omaha region to start work. Almost 45% of graduates start their careers in Omaha while the remaining 55% are spread across 40 different states. Fisher attributes the increase to Nebraska’s low unemployment rate, the types of jobs available and how the region has rebounded from the pandemic.

While many companies offer permanent remote working options, others are taking a hybrid approach that allows employees to work both in person and remotely. Fisher offers the following tips to help graduates adapt to a virtual or hybrid work environment:

• Develop relationships with your new team. Take the time to get to know your co-workers and supervisors early on in the job. Fostering good relationships will help new employees integrate into the work culture and feel comfortable in a non-traditional workplace.

• Communicate proactively. Do not hesitate to contact your colleagues with questions. Coordinating communication and meetings with colleagues and supervisors means learning and using the different communication channels and understanding the expectations within the team.

• To ask questions. Supervisors accept questions to help new employees adjust to their jobs. It is an opportunity to stand out as a young professional.

• Take advantage of corporate networks. While employees need to connect with their specific teams, it’s important to know the whole organization. Reach out to colleagues from other departments to network and find mentors who can help you grow within the organization.

The John P. Fahey Career Center offers career advice and resources for graduates on its website, The Fisher team will begin to reach out to help graduates who do not yet have a post-graduation plan.

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