How to enter the 2021 job market on the right foot after graduation

COLLEGE STATION, Texas – Leaving college to enter the workforce can be overwhelming, especially after a pandemic.

But there are resources available to make sure you don’t get stuck in a filling position.

Earnest Bloomfield is preparing to graduate from Texas A&M at the end of the year. Fortunately for him, he has already had interviews in his favorite field: sports sales.

“Whether I take these jobs or not, I now have these people in my corner,” Bloomfield told KRHD 25 News.

So how did Bloomfield break the cycle of college studies, scoring an interview with no “experience”?

He is freelance in sales.

“Over the past two years, I’ve really put in the effort. I have invested in myself. I learned to continue to be a student, ”Bloomfield said.

Codie Wright, an Aggie instructor who helps people launch their careers, says being intentional sets you on the path to success.

“I recognize that a lot of people have to pay the bills, don’t I? So try to find a position within the industry or for a company similar to the company you want to work for,” Codie Wright , instructor and assistant manager, Said Weston Agrifood Sales Program at Texas A&M.

She says knowing what you’re good at, finding the right environment and industry is essential. Once you get the hang of that, create a network to get your foot in the door.

“I tell them to go find a company that interests them. Find someone in that business, contact them, ”Wright said.

Even if your experience doesn’t quite match the job you’re applying for, you can still identify the transferable skills you’ve learned.

“It’s about being able to take your experiences and say that’s what I did. Most people don’t realize that they have the experience. They just don’t know how to do it. talk, ”Bloomfield said.

“You learn in your twenties. You apply that in your thirties so you can reap what you sewed in your forties and fifties. Be intentional,” Wright said.


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