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(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Every year high school graduates are asked the question, what are your plans after graduation?

This week, about 2,000 students got a sneak peek at what colleges and employers are ready to hire or enroll in college once they graduate in May.

“So we have a wide variety of students coming in and we’ve interviewed them a bit, you know, not everyone has chosen a career path. So it’s a good opportunity for them to come out and talk to employers and understand what they might want to do after graduation,” said Kristie Arthur, Director of Workforce Development for the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce.

Each year, the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce hosts the My Success event. On Monday and Tuesday, 100 schools from northwest Missouri and some from Kansas came to downtown Civic Arena.

Kristie Arthur is the Director of Workforce Development for the chamber. She says this event is more for seniors who are still making their way past high school.

“This year, we are definitely targeting seniors or employers who are short of manpower. And we hope this will make students aware of their opportunities, either right out of high school or after graduating from college,” Arthur said.

She says that with the job market offering so many options right now, it’s a good time for students to see where their potential can take them: in the job market or in higher education.

“I hope this will reiterate what the opportunities are, they have a unique opportunity right now, the job market is hot as it has been for years. And these students can enter the job market directly and earn lots of money or go to school and come back and get good jobs, build great careers and our local employers,” Arthur said.

Arthur adds that it’s a great way for students to see their future at St. Joseph and stay there.

“And we want to start, we want to grow, okay, and we want our students to come back to northwest Missouri and St. Joseph to work and live and play,” Arthur said.

It was the first year that the My Success event was back after being canceled due to the pandemic, so last year it was done virtually.

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