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A fuel crisis was experienced across the country, with gas stations in the six districts either running out or running out of regular and premium gasoline. Upon hearing of this, many motorists rushed to the nearest gas station early this morning to buy fuel and when told there was none they went to the next one, to the next and the next, until they find it. Dozens of cars lined up to refuel. Senior reporter Hipolito Novelo followed the story and filed the following report.

This is the UNO gas station on New Road Belize City – motorists driving are told there is no fuel. This was the situation across the country this morning. At Corozal, customers are told that there is “out of stock” and that the only remaining fuel is diesel. In Belize City, on Youth For the Future Drive – the Uno fuel depot is completely empty – they are out of fuel and out of customers.

In Cayo, a line of cars meandered along the street as motorists hoped to buy what was left. The same was in Orange Walk Town. Drivers rushed to Gas Plus to buy fuel. The scene was more dramatic at the PUMA gas station on Cemetery Road in Belize City. While the other fuel depots were all running out of fuel, this gas station had and motorists flocked to it.

They were coming from everywhere and with gas cans too, running to gas pumps and blocking the gas station that even the supervisor had to leave his office to help.

Taxi driver Selvin Gamboa rushed to the gas station to get his regular gas tank filled before he was forced to park his taxi.

Selvin Gamboa, taxi operator

Selvin Gamboa, taxi operator: “When I got to the pump, you know they said gasoline was up and I’m using classic instead of premium instead, but I have to do what I have to do.”

Reporter: How many gas stations have you ever visited to try to get your gas.

Selvin Gamboa, taxi operator: “I visited all the gas stations in Belize City and no noh deh. Everyone from Ladyville.

Reporter: How does it affect you and what you do with your taxi.

Selvin Gamboa, taxi operator: “Well, it’s bad for me and my business because without gasoline I can’t run my business and earn money to feed my family.”

Reporter: Imagine breaking down with no gas in there.

Selvin Gamboa, taxi operator: “Monday I broke down here at the gas station Monday at this gas station.”

Journalist: So you have finished refueling?

Selvin Gamboa, taxi operator: “I am refueling now, so after that I will not put more gas.”

Across the country, there has been a lack of fuel. A frustrated Lawrence Simpson says he’s been scavenging for fuel since last night and it wasn’t until this morning that he joined the longline at Puma.

Lawrence Simpson, Taxi Operator

Lawrence Simpson, Taxi Operator: “I had gas problems this morning and last night.”

Reporter: How many gas stations have you visited?

Lawrence Simpson, Taxi Operator:All, visit all. “

Reporter: And what do they tell you when you get there?

Lawrence Simpson, Taxi Operator: “Only diesel, they say. Look at this long queue. It’s frustrating, I’m finally going to leave this place. It becomes difficult.

Reporter: How does this affect and what you do in your life?

Lawrence Simpson, Taxi Operator: “Well I’m doing my cab and right now it’s affecting me because I’m having trouble reaching the place and the line like crazy. Everything in America right now is a problem.

But by eleven a.m. this morning, many gas stations in Belize City had received a new shipment of fuel and fuel availability was starting to normalize. Even so, cars still meandered through the streets.

Financial Secretary Joseph Waigth informed media that PUMA this morning was loading

bowsers at the terminal and some are already on their way to Belize City districts and gas stations. He said the tanker was due to arrive on Wednesday.

A PUMA statement today blamed weather conditions in the Gulf of Mexico for the fuel supply delay last week. But Waight said PUMA has made alternative plans.

Joseph Waight, Financial Secretary

Joseph Waight, Financial Secretary: “Puma says they have made alternative arrangements. They bring it by land from El Salvador and possibly Honduras. The Bowsers are expected to arrive today / tomorrow, over the weekend as well and there should be no shortage. Puma says they’ve adequately covered it and there won’t be any fuel shortages. So I’m taking them at their word, they’ve never let us down in the past, so we’ll just see how it goes.

But how did we get there? A supervisor told us that rumors of an expected fuel shortage prompted customers over the long weekend to purchase additional gallons of fuel than they would normally buy. This quickly ran out of stock before the new shipment could be delivered this morning. Puma says it was a panic buy that led to low reserves across the country

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