Four students take advantage of a unique skills development opportunity at the CSP

The four students: Chris Parton, Natalie Chan, Jack Griffin and Hira Jalil

Commenting on the development opportunities that the internships will provide, Tamsin Baird, CSP professional advisor and internship educator, said:

“These internships will provide a unique opportunity for students to better understand what we do at CSP and to add a much appreciated student perspective to our work.

“This includes providing a meaningful contribution to projects with data collection and analysis, generating resources to guide and support members, contributing to our equity, diversity and belonging strategy and individual coaching sessions with or general manager Karen Middleton.

Learning is two-way – because their drive and enthusiasm is truly contagious and their ideas will dramatically improve our work

So who are the students and what projects will they be working on? Let’s give them the floor to find out more:

  • Chris Parton is a second year Masters student studying at Keele University
  • Hira Jalil is a third year undergraduate student at Coventry University
Hira Jalil - CSP 2021 internship student
  • Jack griffin is a first year MSc student studying at the University of Cumbria
Jack Griffin - CSP 2021 internship student
  • Nathalie Chan is a second year undergraduate studying at Manchester Metropolitan University
Natalie Chan - 2021 CSP internship student

Their internship projects

A project involves the development of a common placement evaluation form (CPAF)

Students work in pairs on two different projects. First, Jack and Hira explain their project:

“Our project is focusing on the Common Placement Assessment Form (CPAF), which will soon be launched.

“This is a new standardized form for assessing internship students – rather than having different forms from different universities, the goal is to have one.

We believe this will help with consistency, make it easier for students and educators, and also for physiotherapy students to really take control of their own learning.

“We will help with this by evaluating the CPAF from the students’ perspective and creating a brand new downloadable guidance document to help students use it during their internship. It will be written for students by students.

The project offers Jack and Hira the opportunity to collaborate with their peers as well as with various members of the CSP and to directly shape and influence the future experiences of students in internships nationwide.

One of the placement projects aims to help increase awareness of community rehabilitation

Meanwhile, Natalie and Chris work in the community rehabilitation work stream of the CSP. They explain that their project is “to help increase awareness of community rehabilitation among the student body.”

We will demonstrate the importance of community rehabilitation to students, especially in the aftermath of the pandemic and the Long Covid, and stress that the clinical field is a very attractive career offer.

“We aim to create resources for the entire student body and to introduce this extremely important area of ​​physiotherapy. “

A chance to learn essential skills

The CSP internship equips students with essential skills for their development as physiotherapists, while shaping the profession in which they engage.

Chris, Hira, Jack and Natalie explain some of these skills in more detail.

Nathalie says:

‘This internship will give me the opportunity to sharpen my interpersonal skills, especially in communication.

“Working remotely with my colleagues has allowed me to focus on presenting my thoughts and ideas clearly, and this skill can be used throughout my career as a physiotherapist. “

Jacques says:

“Working directly with the CSP will be a very unique experience, providing not only insight from experienced physiotherapists, but a platform for me to learn from my fellow students across the UK.

“The experiences I have acquired by working in different teams provide me with skills that I will develop in my career as a physiotherapist, while further nourishing my passion for the profession. “

Hira says:

“I have the opportunity to challenge myself, discover my strengths and explore my leadership abilities.

“I am delighted to see the contribution I will have in our project work and the influence it will have in influencing the profession on a larger scale. “

Chris says:

“I am delighted to help promote community rehabilitation as the truly fantastic career offer that it can be, and to educate students on what is involved, the opportunities for career advancement and how important it is. is important to the community at large.

This internship at the CSP will certainly allow me to develop my creativity in a way that might not have been possible in a clinical setting.

A win-win situation


Commenting on the internships, CSP Deputy Director Gill Rawlinson said: “This is an invaluable opportunity for the four students to develop a range of foundational skills including communication, problem solving and skills in leadership, while enabling them to better understand and influence the profession.

They also bring with them skills and experiences that will enhance and shape our work. It’s a win-win for everyone!

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