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Retailers need to differentiate themselves from competitors at every touchpoint when it comes to customer service, from initial engagement through point of sale.

Transparent customer service is essential for retailers looking to both attract new customers and retain existing customers. In today’s digital environment, consumers have a plethora of online and offline options when it comes to shopping and will simply turn to another retailer if they do not receive the experience they require.

In such a competitive landscape, retailers need to differentiate themselves from their competitors at every touchpoint when it comes to customer service, from initial engagement through point of sale.

A recent Harvard Business Review report revealed a significant gap in the way companies interact with their customers. Despite knowing the importance of customer engagement, industry leaders face challenges in executing on appropriate technologies.

Whether it’s slow order processing, out of stock, or even a lack of integration with new payment providers, consumers don’t want to experience friction during the purchase process. . Long lines at checkouts fuel frustration and can cause customers to abandon their purchase altogether.

Restricted to a specific location in the store, traditional point-of-sale systems are unable to provide retailers with the agility required to respond to consumer demands. Retailers need to be able to serve consumers anywhere in the store while providing a full personalized experience, which can, in turn, positively impact consumer loyalty. A balance between the two is essential. The question remains, how?

Increase customer loyalty

Customer experience plays an indispensable role in building consumer loyalty, while helping retailers get the most out of their customer traffic. Whether consumers are simply window shopping or taking advantage of deep discounts, providing a seamless experience has become fundamental to attracting and retaining customers. With a high-quality customer experience, retailers can build consumer loyalty, which translates into sales. Studies show that 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for an exceptional customer experience.

With mobile POS, all of this can be facilitated from any part of the store in both offline and online modes, eliminating the frustration of long queues and waiting times. Additionally, MPOS technology serves as a single source of information for in-store sales associates, allowing them to spontaneously make personalized recommendations.

Maximize visibility for effective decision making

The entire retail ecosystem is changing rapidly. Something that might have appealed to consumers last month may not necessarily appeal to them today. In fact, sales techniques for customers can be completely different from each other depending on their preferences. However, with access to the right data available in MPOS, retailers can segment and categorize consumers based on their purchase frequency, history, and habits. This enables highly efficient and consumer-centric decision making for associates.

How does this look in practice? A consumer may want to buy a particular product but the item in question is out of stock. By leveraging MPOS technology that stores all relevant information – such as stock levels and expected stock arrival times – in-store associates can provide consumers with accurate assurances about when the item will be available. new available. They can also reserve the product and keep it for the customer when the item arrives, or they can order it to be delivered to their doorstep. Once the item arrives, associates can also directly email consumers directly from the MPOS app to let them know. This not only positively affects sales, but also strengthens the relationship between the retailer and the customer.

Provide a high level customer experience

Providing consumers with a next-level customer experience isn’t necessarily easy. It requires an equal level of convenience and simplification in every area of ​​the consumer’s buying journey. However, a number of factors can help retailers deliver a top-notch experience for their customers.

Optimization of returns

MPOS provides store associates with all the information needed to process returns quickly and efficiently. Consumers can return items seamlessly without having to wait in long lines. Retailers can also turn a return into a loyalty opportunity by offering consumers a range of suitable alternatives, such as other products, coupons or exclusive discounts tailored to consumers’ needs. MPOS makes it all available at the fingertips of associates.

Regardless of where or on what platform the product was purchased, MPOS gives store teams incredible control and flexibility over returns. While offering options such as Online Buy Return to Store and Online Buy Pick Up Store, modern MPOS systems are a great tool to enhance the customer return experience.

Payments Modernization

Putting the consumer first when organizing operations is a strategic way to build long-term relationships. One of the best ways to do this is to offer a variety of payment options and let customers pay the way they want.

The MPOS software is very flexible and can easily add new payment methods when needed. This simplifies the transaction process for associates and customers. A transparent payment process can have a positive impact on the future relationship.

Seamless integration

Advanced MPOS technology offers frictionless integration with different applications to maximize offers. Retailers can take advantage of increased digital offerings, improved point of sale, and streamlined real-time information flow across different platforms. MPOS systems are user-friendly and allow retailers to train new employees in a fraction of the time it would take to train them at traditional points of sale. This is especially useful during the festive peak, when retailers hire additional staff to meet increased demand.

It’s important to understand that to provide a seamless experience for customers, the day-to-day work experience must be simplified for employees. User-friendly technology can empower staff to do more while accommodating overall business growth.

Jonathan Mauerer is Vice President of Operations at Teamwork Commerce, a leading omnichannel solution, providing retailers with point of sale, order management, inventory control, CRM and analytics. It also has an ecosystem of integrations with the best solutions making unified commerce a seamless business.

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