COMMUNITY ADVICE: Take Back Your Child’s Mind

Randy Logue writes that parents set the tone for what their children are taught, not the school system.

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One of the few The positives during the pandemic were that I had the opportunity to monitor what my child was learning as I could often hear the meetings zooming in in the background. Either way, I would check carefully to make sure my child hadn’t learned critical race theory, the historic lie of 1619, the bad-mouthed economics of the free market, and other anti-propaganda. -american presented as education nowadays.

I encourage all parents to make sure your child is educated in the three Rs and not in social justice. You parents can set the moral tone for your family, not the government, and certainly not the public schools.

Teachers are people too and their views and opinions can be expressed from time to time because they are human, but the school, district, school boards should choose a program that promotes good teaching and learning. learning basic fundamental concepts and skills. , and capabilities.

To be fair, my kid was fortunate to have teachers who actually added extra meetings to help him prepare for the AP tests. Since they had to go the extra mile to do it, not a second should have been spent teaching kids pronouns (I’m referring to the gender people want to identify with, not the English definition) . As a parent, you should set the tone for what your child’s mind should contain, not the public school system, not Nickelodeon, not the big tech or video game companies, etc.

One thing that came out loud in the curriculum was this myth of fairness. As I have mentioned many times like words do not mean the same thing, fairness is not equal to equality. They may seem the same, they may seem related, but they are very far apart and in a very sinister way.

Equality means that every student has an equal chance to receive an education, equal instruction, equal access, etc. Now, I’m not going to pretend that this happens 100% of the time, but it’s at least an achievable goal. Fairness refers to an equal result, and it is not only unattainable, but also anti-American, and indeed socialist.

We don’t seem to have a problem with people with innate differences in talent in athletics, art, interpersonal skills, etc. but when we talk about innate differences in intelligence, people go crazy.

I was a good athlete playing both high school and college and worked hard, but I was never going to play professionally, just wasn’t talented enough. No one cried for me, but when we say that a student, no matter how hard they work and the extra help we provide, can’t do integral calculus, some cry racism.

Just because people choose to ignore them doesn’t mean they cease to be facts. The point is, not everyone can be an engineer, doctor, pilot, etc. So fairness comes in and says “level the playing field”, I would say that means “lower the bar”. Let me ask you this, do you want open heart surgery performed by someone who has legitimately passed medical school, or someone who has “balanced” their path?

You have a wonderful opportunity during this pandemic to take over your child’s mind. Remember even in what is happening like America today, you are still the parents. While this child is living with you, you have the right to set the family tone.

You have a responsibility to teach your children well and must be determined to make sure that your child is exposed to, has a love for, and a passion for seeking truth, not storytelling (three good R’s for parents). Use this time that they are forced to be educated at home and take over your child’s mind.

Respectfully submitted, Randy Logue

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