Job market

Electric cars could make or break the American auto industry job market. Nearly 75,000 jobs could be lost by 2030 without government investment

Credit: Pixabay. The transition to electric vehicles is inevitable. And like any disruptive technology, the effects on industry and the labor market in general could create unwanted shockwaves if this transition is not managed properly. As an example, a new report released this week by the Economic Policy Institute found …

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What the Arizona job market looks like as fall approaches

Some employers believe that there are more jobs than volunteer workers available. PHOENIX – On the employment front, jobless claims have increased, but the good news is that there are plenty of jobs available. “I’m looking to get into something more to control security operations, the management of security within …

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FedEx costs rise due to continued tight labor market

MEMPHIS, Tennessee: Federal Express confirmed on Sept. 21 that its third-quarter spending jumped to $ 450 million as it was forced to raise wages, due to continued labor shortages. Additionally, FedEx lowered its forecast for 2021, in part because of spending related to the tight job market. Meanwhile, the company’s …

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