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job description: Architectural designer

An architectural designer should be a creative, detail-oriented professional, able to work on multiple projects at once without compromising the quality of their work. He or she must have a degree and two years of experience.

  • Creativity – architectural designers must turn their ideas into blueprints and technical drawings that guide the appearance of a building, so they must be creative and able to forge unique concepts
  • Technical skills – architectural designers work with computer software every day, from CAD applications to databases and building information modeling (BIM), so they must be technically able to grasp new systems and programs quickly
  • Interpersonal skills – architectural designers work closely with clients as well as with other members of the architectural team, so it is important that they are able to remain professional and courteous
  • Time management – architectural designers work on multiple projects at once while meeting tight schedules, so good time management is important
  • Math skills – this job requires the ability to calculate dimensions, costs, angles and weights, so strong math skills are vital

As an Architectural Designer for Lean Arch, you will be responsible for a range of different responsibilities including, but not limited to:

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Produce layouts and color boards: Architectural designers produce CAD drawings and renderings, as well as color boards, to develop specific and precise designs for buildings which can then be discussed with clients.
  • Produce Technical Drawings: Once plans have been agreed upon, architectural designers create drawings and specifications that have been outlined by other team members.
  • Compile Data for Calculations: To ensure that all measurements and calculations are correct, architectural designers gather the information necessary to perform dimensional and routine calculations for design drawings and schematics.
  • Finding Product Solutions: Architectural designers work with the client and the proposed case to develop product and design solutions for consideration for approval or improvement.
  • Make sure plans are in compliance: Compliance is essential with building regulations, so architectural designers use technical manuals to ensure all layouts and plans meet legal codes and standards required. They also keep abreast of the latest legal requirements and any changes in compliance standards.

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