An ENMU graduate student has presidential ambitions

Isaac Amo Yeboah has big ambitions: the international student from Ghana plans to one day lead his home country as president. “I’ve always wanted to be a leader and make a difference in whatever field I find myself in,” says Isaac, who would also like to teach at the college level and become a human resources manager.

He chose to pursue a master’s degree in communication at Eastern New Mexico University because of low tuition. He thought this field of study would help him improve his interpersonal, communication, and leadership skills. He aspires to be “bold and confident in front of people, to make friends and to influence people. I will need these communication skills to enable me to communicate well with employees as a future HR manager and to be more efficient in my work”.

He appreciates that ENMU is a “small university where most of the students, teachers and people are friendly. I meet new people and make friends all the time”.

Dr. Joshua Bramlett, Assistant Professor of Communication, served as Isaac’s mentor during his time at Eastern. Isaac also enjoyed taking a class with communications instructor Edward Caffrey, where he watched several documentaries that expanded his understanding of communications topics.

His favorite places on the ENMU campus are the Golden Student Success Center, the gazebo, the natatorium, Campus Union, and Curry Hall.

Isaac is a graduate assistant in the Department of Communication and a member of the ENMU International Club. He will be presenting in February as part of Eastern Black History Month programming.

He offers advice to students interested in his field of study: “Communication is the foundation of our relationships with others. Fortunately, this is a basic course for many undergraduates. It is an interdisciplinary course so there are so many areas to branch out or specialize in. I recommend the course to anyone interested in human relations.

The ENMU graduate student has three siblings. His parents’ names are Joseph Asuama and Christiana Korsah. Prior to attending Eastern, Isaac was a teacher in Ghana for three years.

His hobbies include football, table tennis and lawn tennis, swimming and reading. He dreams of traveling the world and meeting new people.

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