Amityville UFSD Receives Inaugural “Lax Cares” Grant from Brine, T-Mobile

STONY BROOK, NY – Stony Brook Lacrosse, T-Mobile and Brine Lacrosse have teamed up to launch “Lax Cares,” a grant program that provides underprivileged or promising lacrosse programs with equipment so that boys and girls in the area can practice this sport. sport safely and efficiently.

And the first winner of $ 2,500 worth of equipment from Brine Lacrosse goes to the Amityville School District Girls’ Lacrosse Program.

“We are touched and honored to be the first recipient of this generous initiative,” said coach Margot Howard, social science teacher at Amityville High School. “It’s no secret that Amityville is home to some incredible talent, especially in athletics. Until a few years ago, however, the opportunity for this talent to flourish in lacrosse n ‘did not exist. “

The Amityville School District introduced women’s lacrosse at the club level four years ago and then as a junior varsity team the following season. He was hoping to fully introduce a college team last year, but COVID-19 has reduced seasons to just one week.

During the short period that the program has been an opportunity for student-athletes, Amityville has seen tremendous progress in several areas for these players, including improved grades and interpersonal skills as well as physical health. Many of the team’s athletes had little or no exposure to lacrosse, but learned the skills fairly quickly.
A boys’ club team is planned for next year.

Amityville’s goal is to expand the program over the next decade to elementary schools as well.

Last year, clinics were held on weekends for elementary school students, and they were passionate about the sport.

Prior to this award, all equipment was provided to student-athletes through district expenses and team-led fundraising.

The Lax Cares grant will allow Amityville to continue serving the needs of its players and fulfill their dream of expanding their program to all lower levels, where the younger siblings of current student-athletes are eagerly awaiting their own opportunity. to play this incredible game that so many other districts have had the luxury of enjoying for decades.

“Witnessing the growth of this program in such a short period of time has been one of my greatest joys, and I’m very proud of how far we’ve come,” said Howard. “Receiving this donation will undoubtedly provide a catalyst to help it continue to grow throughout the district and potentially achieve the level of success that other teams on Long Island have enjoyed for some time now.

“I sincerely thank T-Mobile and Brine Lacrosse, Stony Brook, our supporting athletic director Evan Farkas, who helped this vision come to fruition, and of course, the wonderful athletes who have been a part of this program.”

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