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New Jersey is currently home to approximately 580,000 young people between the ages of 13 and 19. A local organization ensures that this group does not go unnoticed through a myriad of programming offerings. Community Lifestyle is a non-profit organization in Hoboken whose mission is to promote prosocial friendships, strong interpersonal skills and reaffirm a sense of hope for the future. We had the chance to connect with CFO Scott Somel to learn more about the Hoboken-based community lifestyle.

To start

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Community Lifestyle was officially established as a non-profit organization in June 2017 with the aim of helping adolescents and young people in the region. Scott shared that helping this age group is a personal passion for him.

“I am extremely passionate about breaking the cycle so that our disadvantaged youth have a better future because I grew up in the same circumstances as the teens at Hoboken Housing Authority. Staying involved in recreational activities that I was only able to participate in because someone tried my luck by giving me a job at the YMCA kept me out of trouble and supported me in a way I couldn’t. never had without this involvement.

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Numerous studies show that after school programs can play a huge role in the development of adolescents. Organizations like Community Lifestyles know that teens need positive environments and access to essential resources.

As the foundation of our future, it is essential that our youth and adolescents have the opportunity to obtain the services they need to participate in social, recreational and sporting activities, to reach a safe and welcoming place to gather. , drug and alcohol free. Scott said.

Youth activities

Community way of life

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In fulfilling its mission, Community Lifestyle has ensured that teens have access to resources for a well-balanced and fulfilling life.

“We engage with youth and adolescents in a variety of programs including health and wellness, life skills development, employment and training, education, social and recreational programs. Our signature program is our free summer camp that provides comprehensive, supervised child care services that will have a profound impact on children and families by enabling parent employment, family economic stability and an experience. positive for children in terms of care, personal development and education, ”Scott shared.

He then explained the summer camp in more detail. “Our summer camp also creates an environment that fosters opportunities for child development in the areas of character, physical education, cognitive growth, and social / emotional growth.”In addition to the summer camp, Community Lifestyle organizes many programs to support young people in the region.

Additional programs include swimming lessons that teach kids self-confidence, encourage physical fitness and reduce the risk of drowning, TALE which introduces teens to business and Teens Take the City which gives teens the chance to s ” get involved in issues that affect their community. This year, we launched a flag football league which you can read more about later in the article. We also have many one-off programs that we run for youth and teens at various locations in New Jersey, ”Scott explained.

Football flag

Community way of life

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One of the most popular programs offered by Community Lifestyles is the Flag Football League. Scott explained more about the League. “The Flag Football League is open to all youth and teens, grades 1 through 12, regardless of their financial situation, which is a running theme of any program we offer.

The League emphasizes sportsmanship and fun while improving social outcomes, ffamily and community functioning, as well as physical well-being. The program runs from May to June of this year and currently has over 230 students enrolled.

In addition to the recreational league, the flag football program has also provides flag football skills training and academic follow-up to help any student who needs help with homework. Games are currently underway throughout the week in Hoboken.

Make it happen

Community way of life

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Scott plays a vital role in the realization of the community way of life. However, he shares that the organization would not be possible without the help of the many supporters. “The community way of life would be nothing without the board of directors, the volunteers who help the organization and the young people in our program.

In addition, our organization is working with other non-profit organizations, including the Jubilee Center which is partnering with us for this year’s summer camp. I appreciate the contributions of each person to this organization. Everyone who is involved in the community lifestyle often tells me that my passion is inspiring and motivating, but having people who support my dream and share my beliefs is equally inspiring and motivating for me to keep working hard and improving. organization, ”Scott shares.

The incredible work Community Lifestyle can do is funded by generous donors. This year, the nonprofit has stepped up its fundraising efforts to continue doing this work. Due to the recent increase in demand, Community Lifestyle has set a fundraising goal of $ 110,000, which is double its current budget. Asked about this increase, Scott explained why this money is so important.

“Being a non-profit organization that doesn’t ask our members a single penny to participate in our programs, fundraising is what keeps us going. We want to keep growing and adding more programs every year, like this year by adding flag football. The more programs we have, the more teens we can attract. This in turn supports our desire to lay the foundation for our future by giving our youth and adolescents the opportunity to obtain the services necessary to participate in social, recreational and athletic activities, to attend a gathering place. safe and welcoming, free of drugs, and alcohol.

To be involved

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To function, Community Lifestyle needs the support of local residents to help out in various capacities. Monetary donations are always welcome and can be made through the donation page here. Volunteers are also needed and the community can start the process of becoming a volunteer by filling out the short application on the site. here. Scott told us more about what is expected of volunteers.

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“The app has a field where you can share areas of involvement that interest you. Some of these areas include general homework help, tech training, tutoring, tips for camps. summer, swimming lessons, flag football refereeing and more. “

The community lifestyle shapes the lives of the next generation of community leaders and members. To learn more about the community way of life or to support its mission, please visit the website.

Written by: Jordan and Joelle Hernandez

HobokenGirl Volunteer Co-workers and Coordinators Jordan and Joelle are real Jersey Girls. Hailing from the coast in Hazlet, New Jersey, the girls moved their “rite of passage” to Hoboken a few years after earning degrees in communication from Loyola University. Outside of their 9-5 years as senior editors in New York City, the twins can be found baking cookies, reading the latest books, or walking their Yorkie-poo Chica. Like many young people in their twenties, Jordan and Joelle are on a budget and know how to get the best deals in town.

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