Alasdair Cunningham: How to Build a Relationship and Maintain Goodwill in People’s Eyes

Alasdair Cunningham, a 6-person public speaker, tells us how rapport is the pathway to life’s most precious connections.

You must have had encounters with people who are quick communicators and know just how to leave a lasting impression on everyone they meet. These people are pros at building good relationships with everyone. Rapport means building harmonious and friendly relations with people. It is a spark and an indulgence that two people feel when communicating with each other and sharing interests. There are several factors that go into establishing a good relationship that embraces both sides’ points of view, is open-minded and communicates with trust. It is this factor that has led Alasdair to build an impeccable brand over the years and make him top of the list of best speakers around the world.

Alasdair Cunningham has used his skill in the real estate business to lead a life that will eventually lead to his goals. Currently, he uses his talent for speaking to teach lessons that improve the quality of life and help others achieve their goals. According to him, the report fosters the development of interpersonal skills, emotional intellect and goodwill that will reciprocate for years to come. Building relationships is not an easy task for some people, so these tips will be the deciding factor in your relationship building process and leave people impressed with your conversational skills.

Establish common ground

The best relationships are when people meet other people with the same interests as them. For example, if you find that a person enjoys reading books as much as you do, you are more likely to engage in conversation with them and make witty jokes about bookworms than others. Alasdair likes to talk because he knows how to connect himself and his audience, and people tend to like to talk about themselves. Therefore, finding common ground creates a great relationship.

The first impression is the last

A bubbly personality is what people notice first when they meet other people. Therefore, your clothes, hairstyle, gait, and aura should all reflect the power you carry and inspire people to communicate with you. Therefore, dress according to the occasion. Alasdair demonstrates this by saying that if you are giving an interview, wear formal clothes; or attending a meeting should be done in casual attire. Similarly, appearing in front of athletes with some knowledge of the sport would make a good impression.

To be open minded

To communicate with intellectuals, you must listen carefully and welcome their beliefs, values ​​and culture. If you have an opposing point of view, present it in a friendly way, without offending anyone. You should also take into account that not everyone will agree with you, but you cannot be affected by small irregularities in thinking.

Show empathy

Empathy makes people feel connected and connect more with you. Therefore, whenever someone talks about difficulties, you have to look at the world from their point of view and try to understand how they feel. It will also give the person more confidence to continue talking with you and nurture relationships over time. Alasdair feels a connection with his listeners, which helps him deliver more forgiving dialogue and build rapport over time.

Take an interest in their life

Conversations can stem from a plethora of topics. Therefore, you should take initiative and ask people what their hobbies are, their best moments in life, what their dreams are, etc.

Don’t be too personal and keep the conversation light and fun.

Therefore, your relationship will be strong and you will be admired by everyone you meet. Following these tips will help you maintain those relationships and meet great people as you meet in life. Alasdair used these key factors to build a strong relationship, and you can learn even more lessons by purchasing his free book from his website.

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