18 Jul

How to find the best mortgage in Toulouse and its surroundings?

Capacity that has increased thanks to credit costs 

Capacity that has increased thanks to credit costs 

With historically low borrowing costs and more time-sensitive repayments, some middle-income and even modest-income households can now buy an apartment or house. A borrowing capacity that has increased thanks to credit costs divided by three and a half in ten years. This improvement undoubtedly offers new opportunities for people wishing to capitalize their monthly payments by buying their home.

Faced with all these variables, you wonder how to find the best mortgage in Toulouse and its surroundings, amidst the many existing proposals on the market…

Call on a broker to find the best mortgage 

Call on a broker to find the best mortgage 

Signatory to the credit intermediaries’ charter of good conduct, Crédit Count Almaviva is committed to helping you find financing solutions tailored to your situation and your project. Because it is clear that we are not all equal before the loan, the application being subject to the examination of different elements. Also, to put the odds on your side, our knowledge of the market is a real plus. An expertise that our customers benefit from the first interview.

To simplify your procedures and save you time, Credit Count Almaviva puts at your service more than 15 years of experience. Specializing in the pooling of credits, your broker based near Blagnac and Colomiers takes care of everything from the assembly of the file to the presentation of your request, and negotiations, with the banking institution offering you the best conditions.

Reasonable financial management and stable employment are undeniable assets for those who want to become owners. Add to that a contribution, and then you will represent the profile of the perfect borrower, one of the first concerns of the lender is to ensure that you have the ability to repay the loan. Does this mean that other profiles will not be able to borrow? Fortunately, mentalities have evolved with their time and today banks are more open in their approach. Thus new types of borrowers have been taken into account: self-entrepreneurs, fixed-term contracts subject to having a continuous activity, single-parent family if the income is sufficient, temporary…


So many situations that require a serious prior study, a file setup well done and well brought to convince. That is why, to facilitate your home ownership, Crédit Count Almaviva advises you and carries out the various steps necessary for the completion of your real estate project.

If the choice of the best mortgage is important, that of the insurance borrower is as much. This will indeed represent a significant part of your refund since it can constitute up to 40% of the total amount reimbursed! A figure that alone illustrates the importance of choosing the right insurance borrower.




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