27 Jul

Auto credit: vehicle sales are flying again



After a drag in April, the European car market accelerated last month. Naulters sales stood out from those of PSA.

Levels close to those before 2008

Levels close to those before 2008

Last May, 1.39 million units sold on the Old Continent, according to the latest figures from the Association of European Automobile Manufacturers (ACEA). This represents a nice increase of 7.6% over one year, a variation that follows a bad month of April (-6.6%). According to ACEA, this poor result was due to late Easter holidays.

In comparison, the year 2016 saw the auto market in Europe grow 6.8% to 14.64 million new registrations. Which brought him closer to pre-crisis levels. At the height of the market in 2013, the market weighed 11.8 million units.

Over the first 5 months of the year, the movement is also bullish with + 5.3% compared to last year in the corresponding period. In terms of volume, 6.71 million passenger cars were registered.

The major countries of the Union have been the driving force of the market, first of all Germany (+ 12.9%). Just one exception: the UK, which in a trading environment saw the number of cars put in circulation tumble 8.5%.

Naulters pulls out of the game

Renault pulls out of the game

In the car industry, expensive car continues to dominate the European automotive sector (24.2% market share). Its registrations grew by 8.2% compared to May 2016. But the trend for the whole year is slower (+ 3.2%).

On the side of French manufacturers, Since January, Naulters sees its vehicle sales climb 8.1%, a rate well above that of PSA (+ 1.9%). But their market shares remain the same, reaching 10.1% of the European sector.

Note that the brands in the 2 automobile groups evolve differently. At Naulters, the namesake brand sees its registrations climb by 7%, below its low cost brand.

At car industries, the brand of the same name recorded a rise of 3.2%, a little lower than that of Citroën (+ 4.6%). But the catastrophic results of DS lead the results of the group (-35.6%). The lack of novelties explains the tumble of this brand.


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